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Blacksmith Pack 1.0.0

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About This File

About this truck:

  • Blacksmith was a monster truck that debuted in the 2001 Monster Jam season. It was one of Pablo Huffaker's self-owned trucks that he drove when he was not behind the wheel of Grave Digger.
  • The truck toured and made it to World Finals II. The truck showed fierce competition in racing, until a nasty accident flipped Pablo into the wall protection at the back of the track, putting him out of racing. He drove Ragin' Steel as a non-competing run that night for freestyle.
  • The truck debuted a new paint scheme in 2002, not much different from the old one. It ran the logo we know as Blacksmith today.
  • The truck appeared in World Finals III and IV, the latter as an AutoZone sponsored truck, with the logo slapped literally everywhere. This Blacksmith was driven by Carl Van Horn, as Pablo Huffaker had filled in for Dennis Anderson under Grave Digger 16 that night.
  • In 2004, the famous "spark" paint had debuted. The truck ran red beadlocked rims and grey non-beadlocked rims from time to time.
  • In 2005, the truck ran deep purple beadlocked rims and a Jolly Rodger flag on the back.
  • In 2007, the truck was given to Aaron Basl to run the season with, until World Finals VIII, Pablo retired the truck, and he debuted Captain's Curse. The truck ran the same chassis and body, but had a new "pirate" theme paint. He won the 2007 Freestyle Championship that year.

About this pack:

     Blacksmith was the first truck I ever attempted to make. I dunno why, I just liked it at the time. I still do. I went through many different versions, each one getting better than the last. Some of which never saw release. I decided to start over from V5 for some reason, so this pack is technically V6, even though the chassis had been rebuilt many times. This is also the first released truck or truck pack to feature a custom node/beam made by me. I had taken inspiration from Alan E's interpretation of the pack, and if he were not around or hadn't released his pack, I would've kept making Crapsmiths. I definitely thank him for this as he plays a key role in my content creating in Sim Monsters. So anyway, the pack includes a total of 7 trucks at a whopping 100 MB file size. Prepare your internets fools. :)


  • Blacksmith (2001)
  • Blacksmith (2001) (World Finals II)
  • Blacksmith (2002-2003)
  • Blacksmith (2002-2003) (World Finals IV)
  • Blacksmith (2004-2007) (Beadlocked Rims)
  • Blacksmith (2004-2007) (Non-Beadlocked Rims)
  • Blacksmith (2004-2007) (World Finals VI)


  • Me: Paint edits, node/beam, rim repainting of WF6, interior design, Blacksmith driver texture, default driver texture, assembly, Get in the Zone logo paint, pretty much all of the AutoZone paint, other stuff I can't remember because it's 1 AM
  • Activision: Body
  • Nicholas Kozak: Chassis
  • Alan Echevarria: Lexan(?), paint edits (before mine), what's written above in the "About this pack" section
  • John Dough: Tires
  • Blaise Zantinge: Original node/beam (borrowed from Gold Max-D), shocks
  • Sim-Monsters: Other Props, I used so many that it's really hard to keep track of all of them

This pack is 100% STANDALONE! It does not need to be extracted into the V4 pack, nor does it need any added textures. It is also compatible with both 0.37 and 0.4, as I've tested it in both and everything seems to work flawlessly.

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1 hour ago, MonsterJam01 said:

can you make a 2015 captains curse please we need a new captains curse.

Pretty sure someone's already making it so no.

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1 hour ago, MonsterJam01 said:

really? no one has  made it in 4 years bruh.

It's not my job to take requests, and it's not my job to make quality content for you. It's my own hobby and it's less likely to get done if you try stuff like this.

If you REALLY want stuff made for you, request it the right way in the requests section, using the guidelines there, or make it yourself.

And I'm not your bruh.

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