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Jester 2019 1.0

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So over the years that I haven't posted on Sim Monsters I have still been working on stuff. Therefore I'd hope my content-making skills will have improved greatly since my last upload to this site. Here is one of my somewhat recent pieces that I worked on. It isn't perfect, but then again no one is perfect so screw perfection. I built this version of Jester mainly based off of the pictures of it when it ran at MetLife this year and I'm very satisfied with the turnout of it seeing that it took me at least two days to put together the chassis (not the tubing, the props and such, however this does include all modifications/addons I did to the chassis myself). The major missing thing in my personal opinion would be the frontmost swaybars but I can't find a good PEI swaybar setup that works with the nodebeam. The rest should be minor issues such as shock mounts not lining up and clipping the chassis. Other than that, I enjoyed putting this truck together as well as the turnout and I look forward to uploading more in the future. For further regards contact me using Discord. Nathan H.#7328 Hope you all enjoy! -Nathan 


Me- Edge splitting the body, adjusting levels on paint, various chassis model modifications/addons, various new parts (I modeled the beadlocks, RII bars, incab tubing, and other small detailing parts from scratch), body positioning, edited Gen 3 BKT tires to be less laggy for all those like me with lower-end computers, a bunch of other crap...

Andrew- Original Gen 3 BKT model

Mark- Several pieces for the shock models I used.

Stimson- Reference pictures for parts of the chassis, modified shock models, general knowledge.

Sim-Monsters community- Pretty much everything else that wasn't specified above.

This should be 100% Standalone and working for the latest version of Rigs of Rods that is dubbed "stable" (Rigs of Rods version 4.8 RC5)

As said, enjoy!

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   10 of 10 members found this review helpful 10 / 10 members

The wheelbase is just waaaaaaayyyyy too long to look past. I understand if you weren't going for "perfection"with tiny details, but the wheel base on your truck should at least be close to the irl version. Ride Height was a bit low as well. Some of it amplified by the wheelbase.

Other than that, its an average truck. Not a bad truck at all, but some more time invested would've really helped out.






Just a quick wheelbase shorten to the n/b and shortening the body, scaled it a lot closer to the real thing.

Future Reference!




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The truck looks great, I just wish I could run it but my game keeps crashing every time I try to spawn it in.

Response from the author:

As stated, this truck only works for version 4.8. If you're submitting a bad review due to your ignorance of the description then I can't help.

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