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Custom Series Finale

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The track for Sim-Monsters Custom Series Finale, right here for just $19.99. Call now and recieve a special Freestyle addition absolutely free!

Anyway gotta give a big thanks to Justin and Tom for exporting this for me around 6 times combine.

Enjoy the track, and come watch the Livestream tomorrow at 7:15! livestream.com/simmonsterstv

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You have officially impressed me ARF. my computer normally gets even a slight lag on the simplest and smallest tracks. however, i didnt have one bit of lag in your course. bravo.

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Dude......I'm sorry but... THIS IS AWSOME!!!!!! Haha nice trick huh? Also insane track I'm on a netbook and a always have lag but not on this!!!! Great job guys!!!! Also I would like that sting truck from the 1st wf that your using there if you can get me it!!!!

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