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Sim-Monsters Season 2

All tracks for Season 2 will be posted here

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  1. Racing and Freestyle people, enjoy it baby!

    Ton of people to thank here:
    Casey Graves for making the base of the track which i then expanded and fixed.
    Tom P. and Justin for exporting the track countless number of times.
    RoackCrwlr for awsome wear marks on both the racing and freestyle versions.

    Let's have some fun tomorrow people, you can watch the live stream at http://livestream.com/simmonsterstv starts at 7!
    5,716 17
  2. The track for Sim-Monsters Custom Series Finale, right here for just $19.99. Call now and recieve a special Freestyle addition absolutely free!

    Anyway gotta give a big thanks to Justin and Tom for exporting this for me around 6 times combine.

    Enjoy the track, and come watch the Livestream tomorrow at 7:15! livestream.com/simmonsterstv
    1,760 11
  3. Carrier Dome in Syracuse, NY

    Track made by RKM, Textures by Roach & Casey Graves
    (Cars & Vans by Casey Graves modified by RKM)
    1,476 2
  4. Here is the Tampa 2011 track, this is a hybrid between the two tracks races this year as there wasnt alot of good reference pictures or videos for the Feb event. This track is really tricky due to the slick gripping and can throw you into an object you might not want to but it is really fun to drive on
    1,585 3
  5. Arco Arena made by Casey Graves
    1,207 2
  6. Track made by: Casey Graves

    Oakland track for the next replica series race
    1,132 7
  7. Well I had a hectic week so this isnt the best track, In the screenshot I have label the start and finish lines to avoid confusion
    1,028 4
  8. SoCal style racing layout inside the the Edward Jones Dome
    1,340 8
  9. Straightline drag for this year
    920 1
  10. Better late than never, track was made mostly by Roach and Crazy with the final touches put on by myself.
    1,816 10
  11. Track made by Casey Graves

    Track for tomorrows replica series race.
    1,577 22
  12. track made by Casey Graves

    track for tomorrows replica series race.
    1,189 2
  13. Track based off of Anaheim Feb. 2011, SoCal style racing
    1,400 9
  14. Hagerstown Speedway 2011 version, Racing lanes are cut for freestyle. Racing it self has been made alot more harder, trying to make driver input more need on a straight line.
    I think I might have accomplished that.


    Have Fun!!
    1,126 0
  15. Changed the layout around a bit, made the track a little bit easier to drive to make the races closer and moved/added some jumps, this does not overwrite the old one just incase you wanted to still use that one
    1,251 5
  16. St Louis style course, start at the white line next to the turn hills, hit the table top, turn around the cars, then turn around the hills and cross the finish line (last white line on the table top)
    1,342 10
  17. This track was pretty much all made by crazy, I just put the last few touches on it and uploaded it for him.
    1,854 6
  18. Track by Casey Graves

    - Updated track for season 2 of sim-monsters replica league.
    1,306 1
  19. Track is pretty simple to follow, Start at the base of the bus like Daytona, finish line is at the end of 3rd set of cars. Sorry for this being released so late as well, I just have been busy with work as of late.
    1,341 4
  20. The epic banked turn track ran in January of 2011. Pretty simple layout but is really fun
    1,470 12
  21. Daytona Straightline, Track has a very difficult racing course and a very Vegas-style freestyle layout
    1,589 6
  22. Detroit 2011 track, used a different grip so its gonna handle a little different than Minny. Made some other adjustments to jumps from the Minny track
    1,687 3
  23. Course is based off the November, 2010 Minny layout with a couple changes to enhance freestyle.
    1,880 10

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