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World Finals 7

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World Finals 7 here, only thing I gotta point out is the camper on top of the trailer in freestyle can grab you like in real life. So watch out.

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You know whats funny?I have two computers a netbook and a desktop on my desktop i have ror version 37 and on netbook version 38 and it works on 37 and i know it doesnt work for other people on version 38 but for some reason all sim monsters trucks tracks and anythis sim monsters still works on version 38!!!!!! T_T That's kinda weird though...... :D

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Hey i just want to ask, can you make the world finals with the big sea container jump? (By the way nice track), Its just that it was my favorite World Fibnals and i would like to have it on Rigs of Rods.



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On 7/14/2020 at 12:17 AM, soggyenchiladas said:

has anyone converted this track to .4?


Yes but it’s dead

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