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  1. Every Pontiac show from 1989 through 2010 -3 and The palace 3 times and Birch Run 1 time. I can't count how many honestly.
  2. I stopped when my life basically went to hell. I had no internet for a while and was super low on funds to build a better PC and get internet back. I was modeling stuff for this site that will end up going to MTM2 instead. I just don't have the time I once did to learn how to finish my tracks due to working 11 hour days now. That has also slowed me getting this game up to date as I used to have it. I still pop on here once and a while though and will probably be on here more in the coming months. Glad to see this site is still running though. I like the ROR stuff way more than the beam stuff. Just need to find the time to get everything up and running good again. I just went through and updated all the links to my pics that I could so I don't have photobucket messing with my stuff anymore. I think to get people back to this site the facebook page needs to be more active. People seeing new stuff on there might come here to see whats up.
  3. A long time ago (probably 7 or so years) I went though all my posts and updated my picture links when I changed my account folders around. I'm in the process of transferring all my pics from photobucket to imgur and was about to update the links again but it looks like I can't edit my posts on locked threads anymore. Is there still a way to update the links on all my posts so I can delete my photobucket account without losing all the pics I've posted?
  4. You have to go to the input.map file and change it in there.
  5. Really looking forward to seeing the dual figure 8 track in Detroit live this year. So glad we didn't get Chicago style. Hoping Creten wins racing again.
  6. Just started making tracks for MTM2. Looking to bring my own models into this game being they would need to be heavily reworked to look good in ROR.
  7. I haven't had ROR on my computer in about 3 years. I'm about to put .4 on it and was wondering if all the trucks are stand alone files. I don't see a v4 pack for .4 so I'm lost at this point. Also will the xbox 360 controller map work for .4. I'm going to put .38 on my pc too and want to know which is the most common version everyone is using these days.
  8. So happy to see Jimmy win. I've seen him win racing so many times at Ford Field and knew he had it in him to take that championship. I've been a Bounty fan for so long and to finally see this makes me so happy. This is the ultimate early birthday present for me. Congrats 2 Xtreme Racing.
  9. Unfortunately with Bear Foot it looks like the stripe doesn't continue onto the hood. Still an extremely beautiful version of the truck though. Hopefully Phelps can step up their game and get these trucks into some bigger promotions.
  10. Anyone else see what ticketmaster is doing this year? Their allowing people to buy tickets and resell them at extremely inflated prices on the Ticketmaster site with verification from ticketmaster themselves. Total BS and how is that not scalping? I went to buy tickets for Ford Field and most of the first few rows and many other whole rows are listed verified resale tickets and are marked up 20+ dollars more than what Ford Field would sell them for. Getting really tired of ticketmaster. First they have fees that keep rising now if I want good seats I have to pay scalper prices. Pretty soon it will be cheaper to take the family on an actual vacation rather than going to an event. Be warned those who haven't bought tickets yet and always google if something looks weird. I was about to be mad at MJ for raising prices until I googled and realized what was going on.
  11. I think a legit racing points series will be harder to do now than ever because this generation has less interest in racing than previous ones. Their nothing more than casual fans who are looking to take their kids out to do something. They really don't follow racing and other stuff like my generation did because there are a ton more entertainment options out there these days. I completely agree about Monster Jam not being a legitimate motorsport anymore, just a spectacle/stunt show. Everything from the announcers to the drivers seems very over scripted and I hate hearing them called athletes like driver is some type of insult or low brow thing to call them. Probably the best example of things being over scripted is Meents doing any type of advertising or speaking on these specials every year. Compare that to the early 2000's and you'll see the difference. Early 2000's he was being himself, now he is being told what to say and how to articulate it. Everything just looks very fake and forced. I really like the Toughest Monster Truck Tour and believe that is the direction things should be going but they like all the other small promoters will hit the ceiling and it's not a glass one. Gone are the days of multiple promoters running in the same venue (Astrodome, Hoosier/RCA Dome etc). Now there are exclusive contracts and venues that won't let Monster Trucks run in them due to Monster Jam letting trucks run broken and messing up flooring and hitting walls. These MJ guys driving today would be in big trouble driving the way they do if it was the 90's where other vehicles were on the track. Now they just floor it at everything in racing and hope for the best. I've never seen so many trucks crash after the finish line as I have in the last several years. The really sad part is they have much wider ramps to hit and better suspension and still can't manage to keep the truck on all fours. As far as Monster Jam being to blame for the current destroy all product these days I would put them at about 90% responsible. They are the ones who started that path when they started buying trucks that they sent out to crash. Many smaller and independent promoters couldn't compete with that which let them grow to be the giant they are today. Being that they have little to no competition they dictate which direction the industry goes because everyone is watching them. Unfortunately they are the measuring stick. Kyle Doyle was saying the number one thing he got asked doing SST is "why don't the monster trucks do freestyle?" It's all people want and expect at shows now. I would like to see it become more legit but I think we need a smarter audience more dedicated to racing before that will happen. There are two types of Monster Truck fans out there. The ones that watch Monster Jam on TV with their kids and take them to the shows thinking every show is Monster Jam and there are the ones who follow the history, go to multiple promotions knowing there isn't only 1 and follow everything MT related online. Unfortunately us intelligent/diehard fans are in the extreme minority right now.
  12. Yep always had a hard time finding one for a decent price. I worked at a hobby shop for a few years and not a single one came in used and no customers had one for me to try to get off them. These came with 4 motors a couple of starter boxes and a bunch of other stuff. I got really lucky finding them.
  13. Been a while since I posted anything on here. Here's a couple of my own personal unicorns I picked up end of last year. Been trying to get one since 1997 and got a sweet deal on two of them. One will be a shelf queen original and the other will be Carolina Crusher 3. They will hopefully be one of my winter projects this year. Can't wait to tear into them.
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