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Well here is the J Hook track that I have been working on. There maybe some updates in the future.


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Just wanted to give feedback on some problems i see. The boat is nearly un-jumpable. You really have to tuff-e-nuff it to get over it (at least, you can only go over the lowest part), and that's sad, because it's so awesome to have a boat. Also, the gaps between the vehicles on the jumps makes it look a little..... odd. Hope you don't take this to offense, i do LOVE the track. THANKS! 5 STARS!

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That boat isn't meant to be Meents'd over or blasted through at 80mph. You gotta check up a bit before you tackle it. I can jump, or crush it just fine with good speed.

This is a fantastic track crazy. Love how you did new and different things with this track. Love the old USHRA/World Finals 1 look and feel to it. Fun track to bomb around on. Great job!

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love the track but I too have had issues with the boat, even coming to it grabbing the brakes trying to get a pop and drop slap wheelie.

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