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International Dragging Series @ Clarkson International Autodrome

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“Tonight! I drive a truck with big wheels on it. Richard has a problem with stairs, and James gets lost!”

Clarkson International Autodrome is a track/venue created for Alex “runt9” Vester ‘s International Dragging Series league. After much evolution, and a name change from its original “working title”, this track came to be a commemorative piece in honor of the man responsible for Top Gear as we know and love it: Jeremy Clarkson.

The track’s initial concept came about during talks with Alex for making tracks/venues for the IDS season. I had thought it would be cool to do a venue in the UK. Alex agreed. After much deliberation on areas, venues, and locations in the UK, many of which were quickly scrapped, Alex finally said “just make a stadium and slap a random name on it.” I answered by blurting out “Clarkson Stadium”. Alex’s reply: “Oh my God do it!” The result: Clarkson International Autodrome is set in the place of Clarkson’s birth: Doncaster, England.

This track breaks the norm in that it is the first track I’ve made in RoR that ISN’T stemming from or being remade from a previous version in MTM2. This is all brand new, fresh work which incorporates ideas that have been done before in RoR, but not too much in tracks made in Sim-monsters: animations. From the scoreboard bearing images of Clarkson’s faces, to the “Stig Approved” digital banners, this track was the guinea pig for these, and many more concepts and ideas. Some of which haven’t been done since MTM2.

This track is also the first that I’ve built using most of my own vehicle models (excluding the bus model and textures provided by Mark Colineri which then served as the bendy bus).

This project, spanning over many months to complete is ambitious, and hopefully, not rubbish.

One final note: It is said that the Top Gear Personalities are in attendance for this momentous occasion. Keep a sharp eye, and you may just be able to spot them!

As that is not really a bombshell, it is time to end. Thank you very much for reading. Goodbye!


Circular stadium idea/ racing course layout: JR Seasock created by me.

Stadium: created by me.

Exterior stadium texture: RockCrwler.

Bendy bus: Mark Colineri edited/bent by me.

IDS Banner: Alex Vester edited by me.

DTC Banner: Jason Lloyd edited by me.

NGK Spark Plugs Banner: Liquidfire.

Pressbox texture. Casey Graves edited by RockCrwler and me.

Crowd texture. Google edited by RockCrwler and me.

Safety hold texture: Casey Graves edited by me.

All other vehicles/textures: Google edited by me.

Dirt textures: me.

Special thanks:

Alex Vester: for the great opportunity to create a ridiculous and special venue for IDS. Thanks for letting JR and I get creative, and take many liberties in bringing this track to life. As cliché or odd as it sounds, it truly came out to be better than MY wildest expectations. Thank you!

JR Seasock: My right hand man and go to guy for creative and inventive ideas. Thank you so much for helping me out on these projects and coming up with the insane stuff that you do. This track would not be as incredible as it is if it wasn’t for your ideas/concepts. Thank you so much!

Ryan McCauley: Thank you very much for your ideas, inspiration for the “special” bits of this track, and for the quote at the start of this read-me. Thank you!

Beta Team:

JR Seasock

Alex Vester

Robbie Milburn

Danny Mackey

Ryan McCauley

Damian Bowers

Nick Kozak

…and, our “tame racing driver”.

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