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  1. bofos

    XMT Sign Ups

    Name- Alex Portolan-WilsonTruck- Bearly TameTruck Link- Backup Truck- Storm DamageDiscord- blackheartedboi#5567
  2. Name- Alex Portolan-WilsonTruck- Identify TheftDiscord- blackheartedboi#5567Truck Link-
  3. bofos

    RORSPS Sign Ups!

    Name: Alex Portolan-Wilson Discord: blackheartedboi#5567 Truck: Overkill Evolution Link:
  4. Name (First and last): Alex Portolan-Wilson Truck: Black Stallion Discord: blackheartedboi#5567 Theme song: Link to truck:
  5. Why does it lag so much?
  6. alex portolan wilson http://www.mediafire.com/file/y7q0luyxfu4gz3e/Iron_Man_Revamped_2019.zip/file Iron man 2019 discord:byrsinscott#1265 i may be on or not i live in australia so IDK
  7. i fixed it all i needed to do was a shortcut the guys on discord 2k18 and 4x4 helped me
  8. ive uptaded it and i cant get the game to work
  9. if i delete the game do i need to re download all the trucks and tracks??
  10. what version is this for and what update does it do
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