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  1. RORMJL had an eventful 5th week but we are back for week 6. This week is the second to last points stops for Season 5 before we head to World Finals! Stadium Tour 1 went to Tampa, FL as Blake Thompson extended his racing wins on the season. Stadium Tour 2 saw Grave Digger back in the winners circle as Jack Merkle took overall. #MoreRORMJL saw Grave Digger yet again take another overall win and extending his points lead. This week proved to be the week of the Grave Digger's as Brandon Adam swept the first event of RORMJL Season 5. Event Times: 8/2 7:00EST Stadium Championship Series 1 in Arlington, TX 8/3 7:00EST Stadium Championship Series 2 in Atlanta, GA 8/4 6:15EST #MoreRORMJL in Baltimore, MD 8/8 5:30EST Arena Championship Series in Edinburg, TX Any questions or concerns DM myself or Austin Dahlgren on Discord. Track Links for this week: Point Standings After Week 5
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Im tired hi devin doss
  3. here is probably my personal favorite stadium that I want to see a show at one day Atlanta, GA (Looks good in the dark)
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    yep another week another track pack
  5. Version 1.0.0


    yeah Bus and Tires from Steel Titans 2 for vinny im not making tracks for other people until I finish mine now
  6. After a Intense second week the tours are coming out with interesting results. Stadium Tour 1 went to Houston, TX for the LAST time this season with a new track. This proved some new winners as Danny Mackey takes the lead. Stadium Tour 2 kept the same dominance by Will Meyer in Slinger as he keeps the lead. #MoreRORMJL had some interesting results as Mason Paul took his first career RORMJL win in racing. Alex Ferullo remains the leader as Austin Dahlgren took over second place. Arena Tour 2 was the most surprising as Trevor Amos takes the lead over Brandon Adam due to him not making the event. This dropped Brandon to third place in the series. MONDAY 7/19 Stadium Tour 1 is going to Camping World Stadium in Orlando, FL. Opening Ceremonies 7:00EST TUESDAY 7/20 Stadium Tour 2 is going to The Dome At America's Center in St. Louis, MO. Opening Ceremonies 7:00EST WEDNESDAY 7/21 #MoreRORMJL is going to The BJCC in Birmingham, AL. Opening Ceremonies 6:15EST SUNDAY 7/25 Arena Tour 2 is going to A-Hole Fest in Muskegon, MI. Opening Ceremonies 7:00EST Any questions or concerns DM myself on Discord. Tracks for this week: Point Standings as of Week 3
    Very nice track. A few things that could use some work otherwise nice. Could fix the pits to be more accurate and add more detail to the dirt on the track.
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    More tracks yay!!!!!!!! These events not for a while but here they are! Has Mexico City from week 3 since they were off. (Bus Model is from Steel Titans 2)
  8. another week track drop???????? 4 tracks coming out later today
  9. about 24 hours later and we have a pretty much finished track. probably my favorite thing ive ever made in blender.
  10. hey guys its me again, nothing big today tho just the casual arena ya know started this today and will probably finish it tonight. 3 hour arena speedrun The BJCC in Birmingham, AL
  11. Tyler Richmond Mutant TheOnlyTJRich#7965 Theme - Cut The Cord
  12. Stadium Championship Series 1 Results Houston, TX 1 - NRG Stadium Racing - Danny Mackey Monster Energy Skills - Danny Mackey Monster Energy Freestyle - Tristan Livdahl Max-D Overall - Danny Mackey Monster Energy Racing Bracket - Other results can be found in the Event History section.
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