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  1. Dang this place been dead for a bit now. Custom RORMJL Hampton, VA on the site soon?
  2. Hello and welcome to Rigs of Rods Monster Jam Live! We are back for another season and hope to make this the best one yet! Our "theme" of Season 5 is going to be what could've been with the 2021 Monster Jam Season. These lineups are completely custom made except for the Stadium Championship Series which ran through out first quarter. Now please take a read through the rulebook below. https://docs.google.com/document/d/16QLsC-bX0tlSr9E8EReq-haG1n3-sJ7Aj40uC3Eipnc/edit?usp=drivesdk As you were reading that, you probably saw the sign up spreadsheet! This will show you all available truc
  3. Tyler Richmond Outbreak TBD TheOnlyTJRich#7965
  4. Name: Tyler Richmond Truck: Outbreak Truck Link: U got Discord: TheOnlyTJRich#7965
  5. Got a lil bored so I started working on the Chicago Style track from Houston with the miniflip ramp in the hybrid. (Expect a release on the site in a couple weeks maybe?)
  6. Here is something I've been working on for a few days. With RORMJL coming up in the summer we are doing a replica 2021 series (kinda) so I got working on the first 2 Houston, TX shows from this year. Few things and the paint are still a WIP so don't mind and mistakes on it lol. You could kinda count this as a replica-custom give or take a few banners and sponsor banners. Anywho, here it is! (Tried my best with what I had for the pit area lol!)
  7. Tyler Richmond Outbreak You have it TheOnlyTJRich#7965
  8. Tyler Richmond El Toro Loco Soon TheOnlyTJRich#7965
  9. Finally got the chance to make a replica track. Indy 2019 WIP
  10. RORMJL All Star Challenge Day 1 Track
  11. Show 2 Results RACING: @Brandon Adam Monster Energy SKILLS: @Nick Worthmen Grave Digger FREESTYLE: @Double.D ッ Max-D OVERALL: @Brandon Adam Monster Energy Final Event Standings
  12. Show 1 Results RACING: @Brandon AdamMonster Energy SKILLS: @Brandon AdamMonster Energy FREESTYLE: @Brandon AdamMonster Energy OVERALL: @Brandon AdamMonster Energy Final Event Standings
  13. Some Big RORMJL plans coming along. Little teaser for some next season stuff..
  14. Name: Tyler Richmond Discord Username: TheOnlyTJRich#7965 Hometown: Cincinnati Ohio
  15. Driver: Tyler Richmond Series you hope to get drafted to: Monster Truck Throwdown Years in competition: 4 Discord: TheOnlyTJRich#7965 Biggest Accomplishment in SM events (Optional): ROR-MM Points Champ
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