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AXE KILO World Finals Special Edition 2017 ( UPDATE)


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 [TRUCK]  AXE KILO World Finals Special Edition 2017

Name:  AXE KILO World Finals Special Edition 2017

Body:  Grave Digger The Legend ( custom )

Chassis:  IDK

Paint (images of color/graphics):  This is the normal body all I want from this is the AXE KLIO symbols that are on the right side of this pic.    blender2014-06-2914-39-41-62_zps6e0f143c



This is the other part of the normal truck which I want to stay the same color.




Other details: I know I made a request for this already but people were having trouble seeing the paint I wanted on it so I made a better view of what I want. This is the new way.


[sKIN] (Include in topic title) ex: [SKIN] Here's the new paint job I want   AXE_KILO.jpg

Name: AXE KILO World Finals Special Edition 2017

Body: Grave Digger The Legend

Chassis: IDK ( the person who did it didn't tell me)

Paint (images of color/graphics):  above but have the tires all black with green sides like you see above plus not a black body this time it's green, and I need it to shoot flames like the Fired Up truck does but green flames! ( that's a must)

Other details: Somewhere on the roof I want it to say 2016 regular & 2016 Off Season Racing Champion 

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