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Convert Trucks?

P3ForLife Customs


So I've looked around a bit and have found nothing on the site about converting trucks to work.

Main problem of mine being that with some of the trucks on the site the tires don't load in. My original thought being, "no problem i can throw BKT's on it and it'll be fine." (Id do the bkts either way tho lol). But as you probably know, even new tires dont show up. (example: Terminator, Robo Machine, Instigator in .38)

I read in the comments on someone's truck that it might be because the truck was made for a different version of ror. Well, if that's the case, is there a way to convert the trucks (hopefully without blender or something) so that i can get them to show their tires? I really admire your guys' work and just want to be able to download and use them without this floating truck problem. Thanks.

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