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.38 Controls and trucks and camera



Hi Yall, i recently moved up to .38 for breakables and i like it more than .37. 


Here are my issues

my g27 works just fine, i just imported my .37 inout file into the input file of .38 it works except for the save load positions which were mapped to my paddles, any ideas?


also the only truck i can get to work is 2016 meents breakable. It is the only truck that shows up without a picture in the menu. THE camera doesnt move when parts break off, i thought it was supposed to. The rest either load without bodys, tires, or both, or just crash the game. 


Also does the rpms change? I used marks engine files for .37 and they revved extremly high for .38. I took out the torqu curves and changed 950 to 2500 but 2500 acts like 3500? Ideas? Thank you guys for the help, this may have been asked before and i searched through the forums, but i couldnt find my exact issue

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