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V4 CustomSonic Monster Truck World Finals edition

P3ForLife Customs

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Sonic Monster Truck World Finals edition

In my own personal ROR season the original Sonic truck is doing phenomenal and is quite possibly the top score in his tour. Therefore leading the tour's top 8 into the World Finals. That being said, I thought it was time to put the personal touch I've been contemplating into action to give him his World Finals edition scheme.  Missing textures or not the original truck is DEFINITELY worth the download!

Extract this into your vehicles folder along with the other trucks and you'll be good! If there's files missing that aren't specifically "Sonic*insert the rest*" then you should download and extract the original file: 

Credits go to: 

Truck: @deadgod88 and @Irishbulldog422

Repaint on body and rims: ME ( @P3ForLife )


Any Complaints or anything, comment or PM and I'll Try to help you out.


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