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Monster Jam Body Scrapyard/Warehouse


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Here's a thread for those of you who have collected pics for a few years.

I know there's a thread on Mayhem from 2009 that's called something along the lines of Monster Jam Graveyard, with pics of a lot full of destroyed and scrapped monster truck bodies from various monster truck shows. However, I also remember seeing shots from a warehouse that had been taken prior to those, showing even older monster truck bodies, such as Sting and Nitro Machine. Might have been a Live Nation warehouse from the mid 2000's. It's been years since I saw the pics and I haven't saved them. If anyone knows which pics I'm talking about or has them, feel free to post. Other pics would be appreciated as well, showing trashed bodies/parts in a lot or storage area from various times or places.



Here's the original thread. Also very interesting to look at.

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There was a pretty big pile out back of the Dungeon for years. I think that's slowly getting tossed out or sold off in chunks. The last time I looked there were a plethora of chassis as well out back in the weeds. One of the Patrick's back there was in phenomenal shape considering it was retired. Shame they couldn't have sold it and someone could've gotten some more life out of it.

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