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Grave diggers Detroit loosing streak


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Remember when Grave digger had a bad luck streak at Detroit? Not to be mean anything but it was really true. I saw the whole streak also. Here's the list of the problems he had at Detroit

2008- This is when the streak started. Chad flipped over but USHRA let him run again but he flipped over again and that was it for him.

2009- Randy broke a shock which ended up with the wheel breaking apart but a wire held up the wheel before Randy backed up the truck which ended up with the wire breaking and the tire falling off and the shocks hanging out of the truck and that was it for him

2010- Dennis flipped over too early and USHRA didn't let him go again

2011- Lost Freestyle

2012- The streak breaks by Randy Brown winning freestyle! (Credit to Max for telling me about this!)

Enjoy the list and happy new year! ^_^



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