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My Request's


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WF18 0.4

Detriot 2009 0.4

World Finals 6 (There was no mediafire download) 0.4

St Louis 2010 0.4 (The one with the big ramp)

Flexable Dice and Slot Machine for World finals. Colors for dice: Red, blue, and white (Minny 09). Colors for slot machine: Yellow and blue (WF 6). 0.4

St louis 2008 0.4

Indy 2009 0.4

San Diego 2009 0.4

Squishy Stadium (Indor Arena) 0.4

Squishy Stadium (Outdor Arena) (No MediaFire download)

PPRL WF3 0.4 

PPRL WF2 0.4 (Very popular on Youtube for MTM2. Watch some of the videos with the track)

The 0.4 downloads are 0.4+ JSYK

I hope these creators make it for us and me! Hope you enjoyed! :)


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