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As we move into the 4th event of Season 1 here at UMTC, we have to make sure those who have put out quality performances are recognized for their hard work and excellence. This thread will make sure the names of those who have proven themselves capable of tackling the final two ultimate challenges are recorded.

And so, the inaugural qualifier for UMTC Finals Week will be:


Brian Parker in Knucklehead! Having proven himself with perfect attendance, two freestyle victories, and topping the performance of Chris Bialek at Montreal in style to earn the victory there, Brian has earned his way into Finals Week! We here at UMTC are eager to see him deliver more highlight moments as we roll on through the remainder of the season.

Following Brian Parker in Knucklehead, after taking a high standing in the rankings in Week 4 with almost perfect attendance, we have...


Ewan Ford in Purple Haze! holding the #1 spot in Week 4 is no minor feat, and it proves that Ewan has what it takes to deliver at any event he participates in. We here are looking forward to seeing what lies in wait for this well-rounded driver in the future.

Next up, with a respectable attendance record and having been a notable competitor in each show they've been in, we have...


Jackson Meszaros in Metal Mulisha! Jackson consistently puts out quality performances in racing and freestyle, and has been trailing behind Ewan Ford and Brian Parker as the most dominant racer by points on the leaderboard as of this update. He's a wild card, and all he needs is one slip up from the others for him to take that dominant spot in the rankings.

And accompanying him to UMTC finals week, we have a competitor with a perfect attendance record and a bizarre ability to keep the truck running through the most extreme and unorthodox stunts, their name is...


Nero! The man does not speak very often, but time and time again he takes his performances to the extreme every time. This truck seems to be a perfect fit for him, as we can see him make save after save in many of his freestyles and I've been observing as he creeps up the leaderboard with his scores carrying him most of the way there. It's only a matter of time before he is crowned the winner of a points freestyle event, I assure you.

More finalists will be added until there are no spaces left... stay tuned and keep up the hard work everyone!

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Guest finmir-otzivi
Yeah it was a good match, not sure about Honduras/Panama.

I thought this WC will be good for Australia to get into RO Sixteens or even the Qfs.

Looks like Ill have to wait another 5 years.
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