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(4/12/21) FBS State Of The Union Address

Brad Kerlin

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Hey everybody, it's been a little while since the last official FBS event and we're fast approaching the return of official events. So this is kind of addressing all the updates to everything and all that. This is a very important read if you plan on competing in future events so please check this out. Thanks everyone!

So last year when this started out we had around 20 people and we weren't expecting much more than that going forward. And then by the end of FBS 10 we had a roster of around 40 people. This growth has been incredible to watch and shoutout to everyone who has signed up. But we're currently having trouble to determine who has and hasn't left. So for Block 3 sign-ups we are requiring everyone to at least give us a notice that they still plan on competing in future events. For anyone looking to change their truck or any new people looking to sign up the format won't change. If you aren't going to change your truck you can DM me on discord or just reply to the sign-ups thread. Sign-Ups open next Sunday on April 18th at 8:00 PM EST. Also whatever truck you sign up in will be your truck through FBS 20 and we are not accepting truck changes. And Sign-Ups will close on April 30th at 11:59 PM EST. This overall will help us better manage the roster and hopefully helps everybody involved moving forward.

For regular season events we will still hold them on Sundays at 7:00 PM EST with the same format that has been used for all previous events. But we are increasing the amount of matches to 9 per event in order to get as many people competing as possible. The card for each event will be announced on Wednesdays and we will be requiring people to check in for the event at least the day before. Check-Ins will open on Fridays and they will close on Saturdays. If a competitor has not checked in for the event by then they will be replaced by a fill-in. This is mainly old news to people who have competed in the most recent events but I'm just making this clear to anyone who hasn't heard yet. And all future events will be streamed on YouTube courtesy of Jackson Meszaros. 

FBS 20
At FBS 10 we saw the biggest show we have seen yet and it was overall a giant success. And we can promise you this, FBS 20 will be even bigger. For FBS 20 we are heading to New Orleans! And we will see another custom track specially made for the event. This will be a 2-day event, running from Saturday to Sunday, with 7 matches on each night. We are still working out dates but FBS 20 but the event will take place in mid-July. More info will be revealed as events progress so stay tuned for it! 

Tag Teams
For future events we will be introducing tag teams! We saw the first tag team match at FBS 10 with Ike Toussaint & Tyler May defeating Christian Leneud & Ewan Ford. This format overall worked out very well. But we do have another format in the works courtesy of Ike Toussaint and we will see this format play out at FBS 11. Afterwards we will determine which of the two formats works better overall. The winners of the match at FBS 11 will face Ike Toussaint & Tyler May at FBS 12 and the winners will be the first FBS Tag Team Champions. In terms of how this will affect records tag team matches will not affect anyone's singles rankings. It will be a separate division but it won't affect anyone's status in either Division 1 or Division 2. In order to register as a team you need to DM me on discord informing me. If you have any other questions about this feel free to DM me.

We're excited to be the second league to be implementing NAMT settings in our events with FBS-NEO. More information about FBS-NEO can be found in it's information thread so check that out. However because I know there's been questions I would just like to say that we are not completely shifting the entire league to NAMT settings. We are just using them for FBS-NEO. All regular FBS events will still be run under V4 settings. This is mainly because it is a major shift for the community and we believe that implementing it in small doses will help everyone adjust better. It's basically a best of both worlds kind of thing. But go check out everything for FBS-NEO because it is bound to be a absolute blast. 

So we have a working partnership with Tyler Richmond and the crew over at RORMJL. Just giving them a little shoutout here because we will be collaborating on a special event after RORMJL Season 5 wraps up so stay tuned over there for more information about it whenever it starts to come out. 

That is about everything you need to know going forward. There will most likely be more information coming out in the near future so make sure you stay tuned for that. FBS 11 will take place on May 2nd and I know myself and the officials can't wait to get started back up. And I hope everyone else feels the same way. As always if you got any questions feel free to DM me on discord at BradKerlin#3029. See you at the next event! 

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