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  1. Tonight we see the culmination of one of the most innovative concepts that Sim-Monsters.com has ever seen. 3 months ago, the journey began. And over the past 3 months the best competitors this site has ever seen fought tooth and nail in order to prove that they are all worth something. Champions were crowned, new stars were made, and some of the best action this site has ever seen took place. Tonight, FBS 10 is the ultimate showcase of what we now know as Freestyle Battle Series. And this is greatest card possible for a event of this magnitude. In the main event, after finally earning the Divi
  2. This Saturday night we will be seeing FBS 10 Dark! This event will be open to anyone who has already signed up for FBS and is not a official event for Freestyle Battle Series therefore it won't affect anyone's official records or rankings. It is just for fun and to give everyone a chance to compete. For this event we are heading to FBS Las Vegas! This track gives off a old school meets new school vibe with a triple bus stack, a center fountain jump, a rock pile container truck obstacle, and also a variation to a arena pod, multiple arena obstacles in jumps, and a backflip wall. This event is s
  3. Results: Match 1: Josh Kingma: 32+34=66 Adrian Cooper: 23+23=46Match 2: Ewan Ford: 17.5+35.5=53Terron Fuller: 7.5+36=43.5Match 3: Tyler Richmond: 28+32=60Austin Dahlgren: 36+18=54Match 4: Tristan Livdahl: 35.5+35.5=71Alex Ferullo: 32.5+32=64.5Match 5: Ike Toussaint: 20+34.5=54.5Martin Hussey: 7.5+9=16.5 Match 6: Chris Bialek: 37.5+18.5=56 Trevor Amos: 17.5+19=36.5 Match 7: Mark Colineri: 37+37.5=74.5 Brad Kerlin: 36.5+37=73.5Match Of The Night: Brad Kerlin v. Mark ColineriFreestyle Of The Night: Mark Colineri - Round 2
  4. Tonight we will be seeing FBS: Brad's Birthday Bash! This event will be open to everyone at SM and is not a official event for Freestyle Battle Series. This event is just for fun and won't affect anyone's official records or rankings. For this event we are heading to Sim-Monsters All Star Challenge Event 1! This track is absolutely HUGE, with a quadruple bus jump, 2 backflip walls, a fountain, and much more, so the drivers tonight should be able to make a event worth remembering. See you on the track! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  5. Name: Brad Kerlin Discord Username: BradKerlin#3029 Hometown:Philadelphia, PA
  6. FBS - Max-D 2015 Vinny's League - Mopar Magic RORMJL - Barbarian Insanity League - Dirt Nap
  7. Results: Match 1: Austin Dahlgren: 31.5+4.5=36 Eduardo Damian: 25.5+5.5=31Match 2: Cole C.: 35+34=69Devon Dunlap: 35.5+7=42.5Match 3: Brandon Adam: 35.5+38=73.5Brian Parker: 32+22=54Match 4: Armando Barbosa: 4+35=39Alex Ferullo: 34.5+3.5=38Match 5: Dominic Hocutt: 20+0=20Angel Garcia: 0+0=0 Match 6: Ike Toussaint: 36.5+37=73.5 Max Halpert: 36+37=73 Match 7: Chadwick Deerfoot: 35.5+37=72.5 Brad Kerlin: 33+26=59Match Of The Night: Ike Toussaint v. Max HalpertFreestyle Of The Night: Brandon Adam - Round 2
  8. Tonight FBS rolls on with FBS 9! Last time out we saw a absolutely incredible show that saw Blake Thompson become the brand new Division 1 Champion, and Josh Kingma and Christian Leneud put on the best match FBS has seen yet! Now we look towards tonight a this is the last event before FBS 10, so every driver here tonight will be looking to make a statement before the biggest show FBS has seen yet. In the main event, we will see who will challenge Blake Thompson for the Division 1 Title at FBS 10, as Tyler May will take on Chadwick Deerfoot. Tyler has just lost the Division 1 Title to Blake aft
  9. Name: Brad KerlinDiscord: BradKerlin#3029Truck: FBS TruckTruck Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/y5rnucmy1j9i6zl/FBSTruck.zip/file
  10. THE SIGN UPS FOR SPEEDSTER BEST TRICK WILL OPEN FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 19 AT 11:59 PM EST / 8:59 PM PST. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- At the FBS 10 Pre-Show we will see Speedster Best Trick! This event will be open to everyone at Sim Monsters and will see the best competitors battle it out in a best trick competition with speedsters on the FBS 10 track! Hope to see y'all there! -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  11. Results: Match 1: Cameron Perkins: 35+38=73 (WON TIEBREAKER)Ewan Ford: 36+37=73Match 2: Danny Werewolf: 31.5+0=31.5Kyle Knickerbocker: 0+0=0Match 3: Cora Solera: 36+36=72Max Silver: 34+19=53Match 4: Trent Phung: 31+35=66Aron Moran: 18.5+31=49.5Match 5: Josh Kingma: 38+38=76Christian Leneud: 36.5+38=74.5 Match 6: Alex Ferullo: 38+30.5=68.5 Trevor Michalesko: 7+2.5=9.5 Match 7: Blake Thompson: 37+39.5=76.5 (NEW DIVISION 1 CHAMPION) Tyler May: 35.5+36.5=72Match Of The Night: Christian Leneud v. Josh KingmaFreestyle Of The Night: Blake Thompson - Round 2
  12. Tonight FBS continues with FBS 8! Last time out we saw Jackson Meszaros retain the Division 2 Title in a classic against Max Silver and Blake Thompson once again became the number one contender to the DIvision 1 Title! Now we look towards tonight, as we see possibly the biggest rematch so far in the history of FBS as Blake Thompson once again tries to take away the Division 1 Title from Tyler May. At FBS 5 these two men faced off and Blake came up short due to what most say was a mistake on the officials part. Now we're here, and Blake is on a mission to earn the Division 1 Title, but Tyler Ma
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