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  1. Fellow members of the Sim-Monsters community, it is that time once again. This weekend, another FBS supershow will take place. It will be the two-day spectacle that is FBS 20. For the past ten plus weeks, we have seen the best competitors of this community battle it out. And once again more champions were crowned, new stars were made, never before seen matches were introduced, some drivers hit the highest of highs, some hit the lowest of lows, but above all, the performance from every driver at every single event was phenomenal. And now across two incredible days and two incredible tracks, we get to see another ultimate showcase of Freestyle Battle Series. For Day 1, in the headline match, we will see Brandon Adam & Jax Cohen defend their Tag Team Titles against Chadwick Deerfoot & Mario Ortega. This is the first defense of the titles for Brandon & Jax, but they've proven that they're more than capable as a team after being unexpectedly thrown together. But Chadwick & Mario have been gelling more and more as they've been teaming together, and they've proven themselves more than ready for this opportunity. Both of these teams are walking into this match with a lot of momentum backing them, so we'll see which team fights the hardest and who will be the Tag Team Champions. Also, we will see the Semi-Finals for FBS-NEO. For 10 events 20 drivers have fought tooth and nail just for this opportunity to be here. And now we are down to the final four. For Block 1, Brad Kerlin, defeated the likes of Danny Mackey & Trevor Michalesko, finished with a overall record of 5-1 with 2 MOTN awards. Brad seems to be the odd one out amongst the four, but he's shown his worth, and he definitely has the most to gain here. Brad wants to prove he can compete at the top level in leagues, he just needs to be careful and not send himself over trying. Tyler May, also getting victories over the likes of Danny Mackey & Trevor Michalesko, finished with a overall record of 4-1 with 2 MOTN awards. Tyler is known for having a lot of firsts here in FBS, and his driving ability proves exactly why. He just needs to make sure the job gets done, otherwise his next first will be the first loser in the FBS-NEO Semi-Finals. And for Block 2, Chadwick Deerfoot. He defeated the likes of Alex Ferullo & Tyler Richmond, finishing with a overall record of 5-1 with 3 MOTN awards. Chadwick has set a lot of records over the past 10 events in FBS, and he's definitely looking to set another one as the first winner of FBS-NEO. Chadwick has been nearly untouchable in FBS, but as they say you never hear the shot that takes you down, so he's looking to keep his ears open, and his mindset focused on the victory. And Brandon Adam, defeated the likes of Adrian Cooper & Jackson Meszaros, finishing with a overall record of 4-2, with 1 FOTN award and 3 MOTN awards. Brandon seems to be the most skilled out of these four in the NAMT trucks, which gives him a big advantage over the other 3 competitors. But it also puts a huge target on his back, so he's definitely looking to dodge these bullets till he is declared the winner. All four of these men have shown their worth, and all four have a huge chip on their shoulder. And we will see who wants it the most, and who is the first ever winner of the FBS-NEO Cup. Also, Jeremy Castillo faces Gavin Dirschell to determine the number one contender for the Division 2 Title. Both of these guys have fought like hell for the past 10 events, taking some losses on the chin and giving some shots right back. Both of these guys have shown their worth in Division 2, and now they will fight to see who is the next challenger for the DIvision 2 Title. Also, in a special attraction match, Brad Kerlin takes on Aaron Lurie. Aaron shows why he is the number 5 rank in Sim-Monsters Leagues overall, especially in his freestyle ability, so it should be interesting to see how he handles his first ever FBS match. But Brad did prove upsets are possible at FBS 10 against Danny Mackey, so he's looking to see if he can continue his luck here. This may seem like another massive mismatch, but this might be the one to watch on Day 1. And Brian Parker faces Ike Toussaint. For Day 1 we have taken the obstacles from NAMT Tampa 2021 and put them inside the Superdome. With two berms filled with too many crazy obstacles to count and four backflip ramps, these drivers are definitely putting on a show worthy of this magnitude. And onto Day 2, as in the headline match it's a 3-way match for the Division 1 Title. Chadwick Deerfoot defends his title against both Alex Ferullo and Armando Barbosa. Chadwick and Alex's feud has seemed to define the title picture for Division 1, as they've played hot potato with the title across the best matches FBS has ever seen bar none. And there isn't a better way to cap it off than in the biggest match at the biggest show in FBS. But this time there's a wrench thrown into the mix by the name of Armando Barbosa. Armando has shown his worth in every single match he's in, as he's been able to pull off some of the craziest moves ever seen in FBS competition. And after winning Six To Survive at FBS 19, he's shown he's ready for this opportunity. All three of these drivers have shown why they belong in the position they are currently in, so it's just a matter of seeing who belongs in the position of being Division 1 Champion. Also, Izzy Martinez defends the Division 2 Title against Max Silver. Izzy burst onto the scene here in FBS at FBS 11 and quickly climbed the ranks in Division 2, won the first ever Six To Survive, and beat Cameron Perkins for the Division 2 Title. Ever since then Izzy has seemed to be unbeatable, as no one has figured out how to hand him a loss since he became champion. But Max Silver has fought his way through Division 2 to earn this shot. His last opportunity at this title was 5 months ago at FBS 7, and he came so close to winning but came up just short. Now he's here once again, and I can assure you, he's not going to let this opportunity go without the fight of his life. Izzy wants to keep his spot as champion, and Max finally wants to be able to call himself Division 2 Champion. So this match will surely be a fight to the finish. Also, Max Halpert takes on Trevor Michalesko to determine the number one contender to the Division 1 Title! Both Max & Trevor have climbed their way through the ranks of Division 1 and now they only have to go through each other to get a shot. Max is looking to finally get a shot after losing to Alex Ferullo, and Trevor is looking to get back in the Division 1 Title picture for the first time in 6 months. Both of these guys want this opportunity more than ever, so this match will surely blow the roof off of the place. Also, in a special attraction match, Blake Thompson officially makes his return to FBS after being sent home at FBS 15. But it's not exactly the welcome back he might've been looking for, as his first opponent back is the greatest driver in the history of all Sim-Monsters Leagues, Mark Colineri. We all know the competitor that Mark is, and we saw him in action at Brad's Birthday Bash, so he's definitely looking to put Blake in his place. But Blake has sat and watched everyone else compete for the past 4 events and I know he's itching to get his mojo back in FBS. Both of these guys know each other well on and off the track, so they're definitely going to do everything they can to one up each other here. Also, we will see the Finals for FBS-NEO, Jackson Meszaros face Tyler May, Cameron Perkins goes against Christian Leneud, and Jayden McClam take on Julian Deshazer. For Day 2 we will be seeing FBS New Orleans! This track is definitely the craziest track FBS has ever seen. With old school obstacles such as the volcano fountain, to obstacles nobody has ever seen before such as the taxi flower, and also on the track is two buses, a arena pod, a van stack, a house, 2 big dirt mounds, 4 jammers, and 4 backflip ramps. What a time to be alive. This is another spectacle to once again cement Freestyle Battle Series as not only one of the top leagues on Sim-Monsters.com but also as possibly one of the best league concepts to come to the site. Every match could main event any show, and it's all on two glorious days of action. Once again this is where moments are made, stars are born, champions are crowned, and history is written. This is FBS 20. See you on the track! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Match Cards: (Times are in EST) Day 1: Saturday, July 31st, 9:00 PM (Match Order TBD) Brandon Adam & Jax Cohen v. Chadwick Deerfoot & Mario Ortega - Tag Team Titles Brad Kerlin v. Tyler May - FBS-NEO Semi-Finals 1 Brandon Adam v. Chadwick Deerfoot - FBS-NEO Semi-Finals 2 Gavin Dirschell v. Jeremy Castillo - #1 Contenders for Division 2 Title Brad Kerlin v. Aaron Lurie Brian Parker v. Ike Toussaint Day 2: Sunday, August 1st, 9:00 PM (Match Order TBD) Chadwick Deerfoot v. Alex Ferullo v. Armando Barbosa - Division 1 Title Izzy Martinez v. Max Silver - Division 2 Title Brad Kerlin / Tyler May v. Brandon Adam / Chadwick Deerfoot - FBS-NEO Overall Finals Max Halpert v. Trevor Michalesko - #1 Contenders for Division 1 Title Blake Thompson v. Mark Colineri Jackson Meszaros v. Tyler May Cameron Perkins v. Christian Leneud Jayden McClam v. Julian Deshazer --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Track Links: Day 1: https://www.mediafire.com/file/oy9j88hgrxh4opy/FBS20Day1.zip/file Day 2: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This event will be streamed LIVE on Jackson Meszaros' YouTube channel which is here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4Dvq8EJiR1wSJfcwAnE0gQ See you this weekend!
  2. Event has been cancelled due to lack of competitors.
  3. Brad Kerlin Excaliber BradKerlin#3029 Sign-Ups close at 5:00 PM EST!
    volcano is correct bc this track is fuego
  4. (Can't edit the event page rn and don't know why so yeah new post.) Hey y'all so below is the updated link with the fixed versions of all the trucks so make sure you download this link and not the original one. Thanks!
  5. On Friday we will see FBS: Midnight OG V4 Pack Fun Run! This event will be open to everyone at SM and is not a official event for Freestyle Battle Series. This event is just for fun and won't affect anyone's official records or rankings. For this event we are heading to Star Spangled Spectacular I! This track is absolutely massive and has huge and crazy obstacles to help fill out the space. But these drivers and used to the truck settings they will be running here, so we will see who truly can master the track, and their truck. See you on the track! -------------------------------------------------------- Match Card: (Times are in EST) 11:00 PM - TBA v. TBA 11:15 PM - TBA v. TBA 11:30 PM - TBA v. TBA 11:45 PM - TBA v. TBA 12:00 AM - TBA v. TBA 12:15 AM - TBA v. TBA 12:30 AM - TBA v. TBA 12:45 AM - TBA v. TBA ------------------------------------------------------- Track Link: ------------------------------------------------------ Sign-Up Format: Name: Truck: Discord: (In order to compete in this event you will have to use one of the trucks available in the V4 1 Pack which is linked below. You are not allowed to use any other trucks nor are you allowed to edit any settings of the trucks. Doing so will result in removal from the event. Sign-Ups cap at 16 drivers.) Truck Pack Link: (is below bc now i can edit it woooo) -------------------------------------------------------- This event will be live streamed in the Sim-Monsters Discord voice chat. See you Friday night! Field Of Competitors: 1. Trevor Michalesko - Gunslinger 2. Eduardo Damian - Maximum Destruction 3. Felipe Cayres - Grinder 4. Ewan Ford - Cowboy 5. Trent Phung - California Kid 6. Adam Boyne - Iron Outlaw 7. Josh Gajewski - Monster Energy 8. Brad Kerlin - Excaliber 9. Devon Dunlap - Avenger 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16.
  6. THE SIGN UPS FOR SPEEDSTER BEST TRICK WILL OPEN SUNDAY, JULY 18 AT 11:59 PM EST / 8:59 PM PST. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- At the FBS 20 Day 2 Pre-Show we will see Speedster Best Trick! This event will be open to everyone at Sim Monsters and will see the best competitors battle it out in a best trick competition with speedsters on the FBS 20 Day 2 track! Hope to see y'all there! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dates & Times: (In EST) Sign-Ups Open: July 18th, 11:59 PM Sign-Ups Close: July 28th, 11:59 PM Competition: August 1st, 7:00 PM --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For this competition replica and custom schemes are allowed. If you run a custom in FBS it can be based off of that. Sign-Ups will cap at 16 competitors. Anyone after will be a fill-in. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sign-Up Format: Name: Speedster: Link: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This event will be live streamed in the Sim-Monsters Discord voice chat. See you on the track! Field Of Competitors: 1. Trevor Michalesko - Backlash 2. Eduardo Damian - Max-D Red 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16.
  7. Tomorrow night FBS continues with FBS 19! Last time out we saw Chadwick Deerfoot retain his Division 1 Title against Alex Ferullo in another crazy match between the two, and the field for Six To Survive was completed. And now, Six To Survive is back, and it will determine who is going to challenge for the Division 1 Title in the main event of FBS 20. Trevor Michalesko, he's been on the roll of a lifetime lately, and he's looking to continue this roll tomorrow night. But he's got the worst spot in this match, so he's going to need the performance of a lifetime if he wants to take the win. Ike Toussaint, he seemingly lucked his way into this match but he knows how to throw down. Also, he does have a victory against the man he's starting this match with. Ike is no doubt the most unpredictable driver in this field, and win or lose, he's definitely going to give everyone a surprise. Nick Worthmen, he defeated Sean Ryan to earn his way into this match. For the entirety of this block it's seemed like Nick is just waiting for a breakout opportunity to get to the top of Division 1. And this is definitely the ultimate breakout opportunity for him. Adrian Cooper, he's been on a hell of a roll lately and he has a good spot in this match. It's just about not letting this opportunity slip from his grasp. Armando Barbosa, he has been slowly cracking at the title picture for a while, and this is his chance to break through and get a title shot. And Izzy Martinez won Six To Survive from the same spot, so Armando's chance of winning this are as high as ever. And Max Halpert, he's been so close to getting a title shot nearly all of this block, and with the best spot possible in this match, he's definitely looking to capitalize on this opportunity and go to FBS 20. All of these guys are worthy of a Division 1 Title shot. And this is the best way possible to see who is going to FBS 20 to fight Alex Ferullo and Chadwick Deerfoot for the Division 1 Championship. Also, we will see Josh Kingma take on Max Silver to see who will challenge Izzy Martinez for the Division 2 Title at FBS 20! Josh has fought his way back to contendership after losing his first chance at FBS 12. And the stars are seeming to align for him, as this could be his chance to finally take the Division 2 Title. But Max has been slowly working his way through Division 2, and now he has another chance to fight for the Division 2 Title. Both of these guys know what it's like to be inches away from being Division 2 Champion. And they want even more to go those few inches farther. This match is going to be a war, and by the end we will know who Izzy Martinez is defending his title against at the biggest show FBS has seen yet. Also, Chadwick Deerfoot & Mario Ortega will take on Jackson Meszaros & Ewan Ford. For FBS 19 we are heading to FBS Detroit! This track is of top tier quality, with classic MJ obstacles with multiple new school spins thrown in there for good measure. These drivers will definitely be able to put on a hell of a event. This is the last stop on the road to FBS 20. And these matches will determine a lot of people's fates for that show. And they have the opportunity to decide their fate and fight for glory on the biggest stage possible. Every match here is a opportunity for everyone, let's see who runs with it, and who lets it slip through their grasp. See you on the track! -------------------------------------------------------- Match Card: (Times are in EST) 7:30 PM - Trevor Michalesko v. Ike Toussaint (6TS) 7:40 PM - Nick Worthmen v. TBD (6TS) 7:50 PM - Adrian Cooper v. TBD (6TS) 8:00 PM - Armando Barbosa v. TBD (6TS) 8:10 PM - Max Halpert v. TBD (6TS) 8:20 PM - Chadwick Deerfoot & Mario Ortega v. Jackson Meszaros & Ewan Ford 8:40 PM - Josh Kingma v. Max Silver (#1 Contenders for Division 2 Title) -------------------------------------------------------- Track Link: ------------------------------------------------------ There will be a full video for this event that will come out a few days after. See you tomorrow night!
  8. Tomorrow night the official season of FBS-NEO wraps up with Week 10! We will see matches such as Alex Ferullo taking on Chadwick Deerfoot, Danny Mackey facing Martin Hussey, Alejandro N. going against Brandon Adam, and much more. For Week 10 we are heading to RORFT World Finals 2! This track is similar to the ones these drivers have been running for the past few weeks, with a lot of new school obstacles mixed with some old school obstacles thrown in there. And with the stakes here tomorrow night, these drivers will be definitely looking to drive as hard as possibly can on this track. This is the final week for the official season of FBS-NEO. By the end of the night we will know who is going to FBS 20 to fight for the FBS-NEO cup. And so far only one driver is confirmed to be going to FBS 20. So every match tomorrow night is going to be as important as ever. And with a opportunity to go to FBS 20, these drivers will go all out in order to gain the victory. See you on the track! -------------------------------------------------- Match Order: (Times are in EST) 9:15 PM - Felipe Cayres v. Tim Horn 9:30 PM - Julian Deshazer v. Trevor Michalesko 9:45 PM - Alejandro N. v. Brandon Adam 10:00 PM - Alex Ferullo v. Chadwick Deerfoot 10:15 PM - Mario Ortega v. Martin Hussey 10:30 PM - Danny Mackey v. Martin Hussey ------------------------------------------------ Track Link: ---------------------------------------------- This event will be live streamed in the Sim-Monsters Discord voice chat. See you tomorrow night!
    the sand makes this track 10 star worthy
  9. Tonight FBS-NEO continues with Week 9! We will see matches such as Brandon Adam taking on Chadwick Deerfoot, Alex Ferullo facing Ike Toussaint, Eduardo Damian going against Tyler May, and much more. For Week 9 we are heading to PPRL World Finals 3! This is one of the biggest floors we have been to, and it has a lot of old school obstacles with more difficulty added to them, so these drivers will have a tough challenge for tonight, but they are plenty capable of living up to it. This is the second to last week for FBS-NEO. And 6 drivers will have their last match here tonight. So everyone is looking to make one last final push, as this may be their one last final chance to go to FBS 20, and fight to become the overall champion of FBS-NEO. See you on the track! ---------------------------------------------------------------- Match Card: (Times are in EST) 9:00 PM - Alejandro N. v. Jackson Meszaros 9:15 PM - Mario Ortega v. Trevor Michalesko 9:30 PM - Nick Tedrick v. Tyler May 9:45 PM - Eduardo Damian v. Tyler May 10:00 PM - Alex Ferullo v. Ike Toussaint 10:15 PM - Brandon Adam v. Chadwick Deerfoot ---------------------------------------------------------------- Track Link: ----------------------------------------------------------- This event will be live streamed in the Sim-Monsters Discord voice chat. See you tonight!
  10. Name (First and Last): Brad Kerlin Truck: Silver Blade Truck Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/v65qnal9daj4rs3/SilverBlade.zip/file Discord: BradKerlin#3029 Theme (If using a custom truck):
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