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  1. The track poll for the next FBS event is now open! Vote on which track you want to see ran for the event!
  2. Tomorrow night FBS continues with FBS 13! Last week we saw Cameron Perkins defend the Division 2 Title against Josh Kingma an Rogelio Hernandez & Trent Phung become the first ever FBS Tag Team Champions! Now onto tomorrow, as in the main event, Chadwick Deerfoot defends the Division 1 Title against Alex Ferullo. Chadwick's reign is only just getting started, and he has made that very clear that he wants to hold onto this title for a very long time. But Alex has been racking up wins, as no one has seemingly been able to figure out how to defeat him. Both of these guys are walking into this
  3. Tonight FBS-NEO rolls on with Week 2! We will see matches such as Danny Mackey facing Trevor Michalesko, Alex Ferullo taking on Chadwick Deerfoot, Brad Kerlin going one-on-one with Eduardo Damian, and much more. For Week 2 we are heading to SMRA Nashville! This track has many different elements to it, with a bus stack, a large camper, a passover jump, and much more, these drivers have a great track to work with here. We are still in the early stages of FBS-NEO, but these drivers all have the opportunity to gain a early lead in their block. There is plenty of time left in the season, but with t
  4. The track poll for the next FBS event is now open! Vote on which track you want to see ran for the event!
  5. Sunday night FBS rolls on with FBS 12! Last week we saw Chadwick Deerfoot successfully defend his Division 1 Title against Blake Thompson and Josh Kingma become the number 1 contender to the Division 2 Title! Now onto Sunday, in the main event, where Josh now has the biggest opportunity in his RORMJ career, as he is challenging Cameron Perkins for the Division 2 Title. Josh won his match in some controversy, but now he can prove all of the people who say he shouldn't be here wrong. But Cameron Perkins has been untouchable in FBS ever since he stepped in the door, and in his first defense of th
  6. Tonight we will see the first week of FBS-NEO! We will see matches such as Tyler Richmond taking on Adrian Cooper, Chadwick Deerfoot facing Ike Toussaint, Martin Hussey going up against Chris Bialek, and much more. For Week 1 we are heading to KOTH Aztec! This is one of the biggest tracks we will be seeing throughout the season. With 2 huge backflip ramps, a giant bus ramp, and much more, this event will be one to watch. All of these drivers have opportunities to make a statement in their block tonight, so it should be interesting to see who capitalizes on the opportunity. See you on the track
    got clapped in tribal war but still a boss truck #UnBanKillSwitch
  7. After 2 long months, it's time. It's never felt so good to say, FBS is back! Sunday night, FBS returns with an absolutely insane card! In the main event, in his first defense, the new Division 1 Champion Chadwick Deerfoot defends against Blake Thompson AND Tyler May! Chadwick fought his way to the Division 1 Title through the best and the brightest of Division 1, and has zero plans on letting it go anytime soon. But Blake has something to prove after losing the title in his first defense at FBS 10 and trust me, Blake Thompson with a even bigger chip on his shoulder than the one that's usually
  8. Here are the official Blocks and Matches! See you next Thursday! Block 1 Brad Kerlin Chris Bialek Cora Solera Danny Mackey Eduardo Damian Julian Deshazer Martin Hussey Nick Tedrick Trevor Michalesko Tyler May Trevor Michalesko v. Cora Solera Tyler May v. Nick Tedrick Julian Deshazer v. Martin Hussey Eduardo Damian v. Brad Kerlin Winner: Brad Kerlin Danny Mackey v. Chris Bialek Chris Bialek v. Trevor Michalesko Cora Solera v. Brad Kerlin Winner: Brad Kerlin Martin Hussey v. Danny Mackey Julian Deshazer v. Nick Tedrick Tyler May v. Brad Kerlin
  9. Ike Toussaint Night Walker uhhhh dont got link rn but ye Jus a little four cylinder#1720 Sign-Ups are now closed!
  10. Name: Brad Kerlin Truck: Grave Digger 34 (Krysten) Backup Truck Choice 1: Soldier Fortune Black Ops Backup Truck Choice 2: Wild Side Backup Truck Choice 3: Wonder Woman Backup Truck Choice 4: Mohawk Warrior Backup Truck Choice 5: Megalodon (Tristan) Discord: BradKerlin#3029
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