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(5/2/21) FBS 11: I Guess You Could Say, We're Back In Buisness (FBS Gaithersburg)

Brad Kerlin

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After 2 long months, it's time. It's never felt so good to say, FBS is back! Sunday night, FBS returns with an absolutely insane card! In the main event, in his first defense, the new Division 1 Champion Chadwick Deerfoot defends against Blake Thompson AND Tyler May! Chadwick fought his way to the Division 1 Title through the best and the brightest of Division 1, and has zero plans on letting it go anytime soon. But Blake has something to prove after losing the title in his first defense at FBS 10 and trust me, Blake Thompson with a even bigger chip on his shoulder than the one that's usually there is a dangerous thing for any opponent. But speaking of men with a chip on their shoulder, this is Tyler's first opportunity to regain the Division 1 Title after losing it to Blake back at FBS 8. Tyler had a historic reign, and that can do something to a man. My best guess it's made Tyler a man with a mission, which is get back the Division 1 Title at all costs. These three men defined Division 1 for the first ten events with all their matches. And this match will determine who the best man is, and who is the true Division 1 Champion. Also, in ANOTHER 3-Way Dance, to determine the number one contender for the Division 2 Title, Austin Dahlgren, Eduardo Damian, and Josh Kingma will battle it out. Austin unfortunately missed out on FBS 10, meaning the opportunity on the line for both Austin and Josh was rendered null and void. Now both men have to go through a even tougher challenge for the same opportunity, but both men aren't ones to back down from a challenge, and they have all the tools to overcome it. But Eduardo Damian has been one of the standouts of Division 2, and now he has his first real chance at a Division 2 Title shot. All three of these men don't want to waste this opportunity, so imagine what they'll be willing to do to face Cameron Perkins for the Division 2 Title. Also, Brandon Adam takes on Tyler Richmond! Brandon has been building momentum lately, and a win here may further boost his standings in Division 1. But Tyler is looking to make a comeback after losses to the likes of Bryant Steggall and Chris Bialek, and he is definitely looking to rebuild his stance. Both these men are walking into this match with something to prove, and when you look at them as competitors, this match will definitely be one to watch. Also, Armando Barbosa & Gavin Dirschell will take on Rogelio Hernandez & Trent Phung! The first tag team match in FBS saw Ike Toussaint & Tyler May defeat Christian Leneud & Ewan Ford in a hell of a showcase. Now these 4 men will battle it out in the second tag team match. Both of these teams have been strategizing, and with a opportunity to become the first FBS Tag Team Champions on the line, everyone here will most certainly go all out for the win. Also we will see Trevor Michalesko face the debuting Nick Worthmen and also 2 more Division 1 debuts when Martin Hussey takes on Sean Ryan. And speaking of debuts, we will see 6 debuts in Division 2! Mario Ortega faces Jeremy Castillo, Jax Cohen goes toe-to-toe with Izzy Martinez, and Wilson Hill takes on Broken Thompson. For FBS 11 we are heading to FBS Gaithersburg! This may seem a little empty on paper, but it has way more than meets the eye. With 2 backflip ramps, a very big van stack, and a dirt pod with a big lauch ramp, and much more, this track definitely has potential to help create a more than memorable event. Now that FBS is back, every driver here is looking to make a big statement. But on both rosters, every single person has a target on their back. And you never know who might be aiming for them next. See you on the track! 


Match Card: (Times are in EST)

6:50 PM - Austin Dahlgren v. Eduardo Damian v. Josh Kingma (#1 Contenders for Division 2 Title)
7:20 PM - Jeremy Castillo v. Mario Ortega
7:40 PM - Martin Hussey v. Sean Ryan 
8:00 PM - Armando Barbosa & Nick Tedrick v. Rogelio Hernandez & Trent Phung
8:20 PM - Izzy Martinez v. Jax Cohen 
8:40 PM - Nick Worthmen v. Trevor Michalesko 
9:00 PM - Broken Thompson v. Wilson Hill 
9:20 PM - Brandon Adam v. Tyler Richmond 
9:40 PM - Chadwick Deerfoot v. Blake Thompson v. Tyler May (Division 1 Title) 


Track Link: 


This event will be streamed LIVE on YouTube on Jackson Meszaros' channel which is here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4Dvq8EJiR1wSJfcwAnE0gQ See you Sunday night!

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