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As some of you might be aware there was a situation regarding a member of the site and another discord resulting in a ban leaving the community a bit confused and divided. While it is not our stance to interfere with outside matters, this was brought to my attention directly. I acted swiftly to stop the situation from progressing further without consulting anyone else within the staff. There was an unwritten rule for our staff to be hands off. I believe there was some holes in that stance and created opportunities for people of this community to act in less than acceptable ways with immunity regardless of their actions. After gathering with the team and discussing further we have decided to change the ban to a suspension for this member. While we cannot review every situation and will not police every server we will act in extreme circumstances and issue punishments on a case by case basis if proper proof and situations warrant it. 

Let me be clear, We Will Not Tolerate Bigotry, Hate, Discrimination, Bullying, or Harassment on our servers. This is everyone's warning going forward this includes staff. We want to promote a place where everyone can feel free to post about what we are all here for Simulation Monster Trucks.... 

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