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(5/16/21) FBS 13: Who Needs Luck In A Freestyle? (Cardiff 2007)

Brad Kerlin

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Tomorrow night FBS continues with FBS 13! Last week we saw Cameron Perkins defend the Division 2 Title against Josh Kingma an Rogelio Hernandez & Trent Phung become the first ever FBS Tag Team Champions! Now onto tomorrow, as in the main event, Chadwick Deerfoot defends the Division 1 Title against Alex Ferullo. Chadwick's reign is only just getting started, and he has made that very clear that he wants to hold onto this title for a very long time. But Alex has been racking up wins, as no one has seemingly been able to figure out how to defeat him. Both of these guys are walking into this match with something to prove, and this is bound to be a fight to the finish, and by the end, we will see who comes out as the Division 1 Champion. Also, Brandon Adam takes on Nick Worthmen! After his match at FBS 11 it seems to be that Brandon has finally found his groove and is now building up a lot of momentum as he climbs the ranks of Division 1. But at FBS 11 Nick Worthmen suffered a loss at the hands of Trevor Michalesko, so he's definitely looking to bounce back here. And a win over one of the top stars in Sim Monsters leagues right now would be a hell of a way to get back on track. We know the skill these drivers possess, so this match is definitely one to watch right here. And, we will see Eduardo Damian face Izzy Martinez! Eduardo here is looking to bounce back after failing to become number one contender at FBS 11. But he faces a hell of a challenge in Izzy Martinez, who defeated Jax Cohen at FBS 11 in a hell of a showcase. Both of these drivers are looking to keep climbing the ranks of Division 2, and a win here could put them in the path of Cameron Perkins. Also, Brian Parker faces Armando Barbosa, Trevor Michalesko takes on Rogelio Hernandez, Max Silver goes up against Mario Ortega, Blake Thompson & Gavin Dirschell face Martin Hussey & Jax Cohen, Trent Phung goes one-on-one with Jeremy Castillo, and Nick Teddy takes on Jayden McClam. For FBS 13 we are heading to Cardiff 2007! This is the first international show for FBS, and this track is tight with a bunch of large obstacles. But with 2 bus stacks, 2 car stacks, and much more, these drivers have the tools they need to make a fun event. With the increased amount of matches per event now, these drivers have more opportunities to make a statement in their division. And even though there aren't any number one contenderships on the line here, a win could certainly put them in line for one. And these drivers are more than mindful of that. Now it's time to see who is most mindful of their surroundings, and who is surrounding them. See you on the track! 


Match Card: (Times are in EST) 

7:00 PM - Eduardo Damian v. Izzy Martinez 
7:20 PM - Jayden McClam v. Nick Tedrick 
7:40 PM - Armando Barbosa v. Brian Parker 
8:00 PM - Blake Thompson & Gavin Dirschell v. Martin Hussey & Jax Cohen 
8:20 PM - Jeremy Castillo v. Trent Phung 
8:40 PM - Rogelio Hernandez v. Trevor Michalesko 
9:00 PM - Brandon Adam v. Nick Worthmen 
9:20 PM - Mario Ortega v. Max Silver
9:40 PM - Chadwick Deerfoot v. Alex Ferullo (Division 1 Title) 


Track Link: 


This event will be streamed LIVE on Jackson Meszaros' YouTube channel which is here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4Dvq8EJiR1wSJfcwAnE0gQ

See you tomorrow night!

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