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(6/12/21) FBS 16: Muddying The Waters (Miami 2012)

Brad Kerlin

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Tomorrow night FBS rolls on with FBS 16! Last time out we saw a absolutely phenomenal show, with Izzy Martinez becoming the new Division 2 Champion and Chadwick Deerfoot regaining the Division 1 Championship! But as they say there's no rest for the weary, as in the main event, Chadwick will now defend his title against the one guy who never got a fair shake at a rematch for it, the first ever Division 1 Champion Tyler May. Tyler has been killing it in the tag team division alongside Ike Toussaint, and now he's back to singles action, and what a way to return. I know Tyler has been itching to get back into the title picture, and now that he's has this opportunity, he's definitely not going to let it go to waste. But we know Chadwick is willing to do everything he possibly can in order to get the victory, and he will do just exactly that in order to retain the Division 1 Title. This match has been brewing for a little while now, and now it's coming to fruition, and both these guys will definitely give absolutely everything they've got for the win. Also, Cameron Perkins takes on Wilson Hill to determine the new number one contender to the Division 2 Title! Cameron has just lost the title he held onto for so long, and I know he definitely wants to get the feeling of being the Division 2 Champion back. But Wilson has been grinding here in FBS, proving his worth in every match as he gets better and better. And with a opportunity like this, I'm sure he is dead set on capitalizing on it. Both these guys are walking into this match with something to prove, and this match will prove who is worthy of challenging for the Division 2 Title. Also, Tyler Richmond faces Marcelo Mendoza! Tyler seems to have finally re-found his groove he's been looking for since the beginning of FBS and now he's beginning to build up momentum and climb the ranks. But Marcelo hasn't been seen for a little while after a loss to Jackson Meszaros at FBS 12 so he's definitely looking to get back on track here. These guys are probably the two most unpredictable freestylers in Division 1, so this match will definitely be one to remember. Also, Ike Toussaint takes on Trevor Michalesko! Trevor is definitely riding high after sending Blake Thompson home last week, and he is looking to continue building up momentum in this match. But Ike definitely wants to prove something as this is his first singles match in a long while, so this match should be one to watch. Also, Martin Hussey & Jax Cohen face Brandon Adam & Mario Ortega to determine the number one contenders to the Tag Team Titles, Brian Parker takes on Nick Worthmen, Jeremy Castillo going one-on-one with Devon Dunlap, Christian Leneud taking on Max Silver, and Jayden McClam facing Julian Deshazer. For FBS 16 we are heading to Miami 2012! This track is the first muddy track FBS has been to. With a classic track being this slippy, these drivers should be able to make this event a great time. As FBS 20 begins to approach, these drivers are definitely looking to make a impression tomorrow night. And they have a opportunity to do just exactly that with the challenge that this track gives them. And we know the cream rises to the top, and tomorrow night we will see who really is the cream of the crop. See you on the track! 


Match Card: (Times are in EST) 

7:00 PM - Cameron Perkins v. Wilson Hill (#1 Contenders for Division 2 Title) 
7:20 PM - Devon Dunlap v. Jeremy Castillo 
7:40 PM - Brian Parker v. Nick Worthmen 
8:00 PM - Jayden McClam v. Julian Deshazer 
8:20 PM - Brandon Adam & Mario Ortega v. Martin Hussey & Jax Cohen (#1 Contenders for Tag Titles) 
8:40 PM - Marcelo Mendoza v. Tyler Richmond 
9:00 PM - Christian Leneud v. Max Silver  
9:20 PM - Ike Toussaint v. Trevor Michalesko 
9:40 PM - Chadwick Deerfoot v. Tyler May (Division 1 Title) 


Track Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/10IDNJqRJ7To91ktfSiXzNvYwLAwM_2wq/view?usp=sharing 


This event will be streamed LIVE on Jackson Meszaros' YouTube channel which is here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4Dvq8EJiR1wSJfcwAnE0gQ

See you tomorrow night!

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