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(6/17/21) FBS-NEO Week 7: NAMT Charlotte 2021

Brad Kerlin

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Tonight FBS-NEO continues with Week 7! We will see matches such as Adrian Cooper taking on Brandon Adam, Danny Mackey facing Martin Hussey, Cora Solera going against Eduardo Damian, and much more. For Week 7 we are heading to NAMT Charlotte 2021! This is the biggest floor FBS-NEO has been to and it's full of some of the biggest and most creative obstacles these drivers have seen so far. These drivers have all the tools to make tonight's event one for the ages. This is one of the last events here in FBS-NEO. And so far only one of the 20 drivers has had all of their matches. But the rest have very few opportunities to climb up the ranks and get in the top 2 of their block. But every single one of them is hungrier than ever, and tonight is where the survival of the fittest truly begins. See you on the track! 


Match Card: (Times are in EST) 

9:00 PM - Cora Solera v. Nick Tedrick
9:20 PM - Ike Toussaint v. Felipe Cayres 
9:40 PM - Cora Solera v. Eduardo Damian 
10:00 PM - Adrian Cooper v. Tim Horn
10:20 PM - Adrian Cooper v. Brandon Adam
10:40 PM - Danny Mackey v. Martin Hussey 


Track Link: 


This event will be live streamed in the Sim-Monsters Discord voice chat. See you tonight!

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