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Welcome to RORSPS!


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Hey everybody! Welcome to the Rigs of Rods Summer Points Series (RORSPS)! Here, 16 of the best drivers on Sim Monsters will compete for both racing and freestyle wins, while also fighting for that overall event championship! Each and every one of these points will determine which top 16 drivers will make it to the RORSPS World Finals 5 (for context, this league has ran off of Sim Monsters for 4 seasons so this is technically season 5)!


The amount of points earned is based highly on attendance, the more people that compete, the more points you can potentially get! So make sure to show up when possible to earn the most amount of points as possible!


The drivers competing in this league will be determined by your qualifying times on the track, with the top 16 making it in! Events will be taking place on Wednesdays throughout the summer starting on July 7th at 8 pm est! Qualifying will be ran differently than other leagues, there will be 2 qualifying slots to run in! 1 slot will be taking place on Tuesday evenings from 10:30 pm est - 11:30 pm est, with the next one taking place Wednesday evenings from 7 pm est - 8 pm est (also to answer the question for you, you only need to qualify once in the lane of your choice, and you don't need to show up for both time slots, just 1)!


You are allowed to run replicas and customs with V4 settings! In addition, custom tracks made by me will be used for this series with a new track and racing style being used every week! Sign ups will begin sometime next week (date/time TBD), just make sure they fall within the rules!


If you have any questions, then reply to this thread here, or DM me on Discord @ABgamerX (Adam B )✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ!





Event Dates/Times (in pm est):

Tuesday (10:30 - 11:30): Qualifying Slot 1

Wednesday (7 - 8): Qualifying Slot 2

Main Event (~8): Main Event

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