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(6/27/21) FBS 18: As The Big One Approaches (Mt. Pleasant 2016)

Brad Kerlin

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Tomorrow night FBS rolls on with FBS 18! Last week we saw Brandon Adam & Jax Cohen become the new Tag Team Champions, Izzy Martinez retain his Division 2 Title, and Alex Ferullo earn another shot at the Division 1 Title. Now tomorrow night, in the main event, Alex Ferullo challenges Chadwick Deerfoot for the Division 1 Title. This is the third match between these two. At FBS 13 Chadwick put the Division 1 Title on the line and was sent over early, which allowed Alex to take the advantage and become the new champion. At FBS 15 was the rematch, and both men put on arguably the greatest match in the history of FBS. But Chadwick was able to pull out all the stops and regain the Division 1 Title. Now this is the third match between the two, and if it's anything like the last two matches, this match is going to be one for the ages. Both of these men have fought tooth and nail in order to hold the Division 1 Title and be the man to beat in FBS, and they have 1 win apiece. Chadwick wants to continue his reign as the top guy in FBS, but Alex wants to regain the spot he had for so little time. Both of these men are at he top of their game, and with the top title in FBS on the line, and to see who goes into FBS 20 as the Division 1 Champion, this match will for surely be one to top. Also, in the last three qualifying matches for Six To Survive, Tyler Richmond takes on Max Halpert, Trevor Michalekso goes against Chris Bialek, and Ike Toussaint faces Tyler May. Last week Adrian Cooper, Armando Barbosa, and Nick Worthmen already sealed their spots in Six To Survive, and last three spots will be filled tomorrow night. All of these guys are at the top of their game right now, and with a potential opportunity to challenge for the Division 1 Title at FBS 20, all of these matches are going to be more intense than ever. Also, Gavin Dirschell takes on Josh Kingma, and Austin Dahlgren faces Christian Leneud. All four of these men have shown their worth in the past few events. Gavin Dirschell has slowly been gaining momentum with his recent performances, Josh Kingma has built himself back up after losing his Division 2 Title shot, Austin Dahlgren is making a big return after a hiatus, and Christian Leneud has wowed everybody with his recent incredible performances. All 4 of these men are nearing the top of the rankings of Division 2, and these matches could help determine who will face Izzy Martinez for the Division 2 Title at FBS 20. With that knowledge in these guys minds, these matches should definitely be ones to watch. Also Chadwick Deerfoot & Mario Ortega face Armando Barbosa & Eduardo Damian, Jeremy Castillo takes on Jayden McClam, and Julian Deshazer goes against Devon Dunlap. For FBS 18 we are heading to Mt. Pleasant 2016! This track is no doubt the biggest track we have been to in FBS history. With the amount of wide open space, and the old school mixed with new school vibes of the obstacles, these drivers will definitely be able to make a event worth remembering. Nearly every match on this card has FBS 20 implications, so all of these drivers are looking to make a statement tonight. But with only two events left, that means there are only 2 chances left to get noticed before FBS 20. But we know every driver in FBS is hungrier than ever, and when every competitor has this big of a chip on their shoulder, the competition is going to be remembered forever. See you on the track! 


Match Card: (Times are in EST) 

7:00 PM - Gavin Dirschell v. Josh Kingma 
7:20 PM - Devon Dunlap v. Julian Deshazer 
7:40 PM - Chris Bialek v. Trevor Michalesko (Six To Survive Qualifier)
8:00 PM - Austin Dahlgren v. Christian Leneud 
8:20 PM - Max Halpert v. Tyler Richmond (Six To Survive Qualifier)
8:40 PM - Jayden McClam v. Jeremy Castillo 
9:00 PM - Armando Barbosa & Eduardo Damian v. Chadwick Deerfoot & Mario Ortega 
9:20 PM - Ike Toussaint v. Tyler May (Six To Survive Qualifier)
9:40 PM - Chadwick Deerfoot v. Alex Ferullo (Division 1 Title) 


Track Link: 


This event will be streamed LIVE on Jackson Meszaros' YouTube channel which is here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4Dvq8EJiR1wSJfcwAnE0gQ

See you tomorrow night!

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