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(7/8/21) FBS 19: Six To Survive II (FBS Detroit)

Brad Kerlin

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Tomorrow night FBS continues with FBS 19! Last time out we saw Chadwick Deerfoot retain his Division 1 Title against Alex Ferullo in another crazy match between the two, and the field for Six To Survive was completed. And now, Six To Survive is back, and it will determine who is going to challenge for the Division 1 Title in the main event of FBS 20. Trevor Michalesko, he's been on the roll of a lifetime lately, and he's looking to continue this roll tomorrow night. But he's got the worst spot in this match, so he's going to need the performance of a lifetime if he wants to take the win. Ike Toussaint, he seemingly lucked his way into this match but he knows how to throw down. Also, he does have a victory against the man he's starting this match with. Ike is no doubt the most unpredictable driver in this field, and win or lose, he's definitely going to give everyone a surprise. Nick Worthmen, he defeated Sean Ryan to earn his way into this match. For the entirety of this block it's seemed like Nick is just waiting for a breakout opportunity to get to the top of Division 1. And this is definitely the ultimate breakout opportunity for him. Adrian Cooper, he's been on a hell of a roll lately and he has a good spot in this match. It's just about not letting this opportunity slip from his grasp. Armando Barbosa, he has been slowly cracking at the title picture for a while, and this is his chance to break through and get a title shot. And Izzy Martinez won Six To Survive from the same spot, so Armando's chance of winning this are as high as ever. And Max Halpert, he's been so close to getting a title shot nearly all of this block, and with the best spot possible in this match, he's definitely looking to capitalize on this opportunity and go to FBS 20. All of these guys are worthy of a Division 1 Title shot. And this is the best way possible to see who is going to FBS 20 to fight Alex Ferullo and Chadwick Deerfoot for the Division 1 Championship. Also, we will see Josh Kingma take on Max Silver to see who will challenge Izzy Martinez for the Division 2 Title at FBS 20! Josh has fought his way back to contendership after losing his first chance at FBS 12. And the stars are seeming to align for him, as this could be his chance to finally take the Division 2 Title. But Max has been slowly working his way through Division 2, and now he has another chance to fight for the Division 2 Title. Both of these guys know what it's like to be inches away from being Division 2 Champion. And they want even more to go those few inches farther. This match is going to be a war, and by the end we will know who Izzy Martinez is defending his title against at the biggest show FBS has seen yet. Also, Chadwick Deerfoot & Mario Ortega will take on Jackson Meszaros & Ewan Ford. For FBS 19 we are heading to FBS Detroit! This track is of top tier quality, with classic MJ obstacles with multiple new school spins thrown in there for good measure. These drivers will definitely be able to put on a hell of a event. This is the last stop on the road to FBS 20. And these matches will determine a lot of people's fates for that show. And they have the opportunity to decide their fate and fight for glory on the biggest stage possible. Every match here is a opportunity for everyone, let's see who runs with it, and who lets it slip through their grasp. See you on the track! 


Match Card: (Times are in EST) 

7:30 PM - Trevor Michalesko v. Ike Toussaint (6TS) 
7:40 PM - Nick Worthmen v. TBD (6TS) 
7:50 PM - Adrian Cooper v. TBD (6TS) 
8:00 PM - Armando Barbosa v. TBD (6TS) 
8:10 PM - Max Halpert v. TBD (6TS) 
8:20 PM - Chadwick Deerfoot & Mario Ortega v. Jackson Meszaros & Ewan Ford 
8:40 PM - Josh Kingma v. Max Silver (#1 Contenders for Division 2 Title) 


Track Link: 


There will be a full video for this event that will come out a few days after. See you tomorrow night!

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