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(8/19/21) FBS Block 3 State Of The Union Address

Brad Kerlin

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Hey everybody, it's been a little while since FBS 20 and we're fast approaching Block 3 So this is kind of addressing all the updates to everything and all that. This is a very important read if you plan on competing in future events so please check this out. Thanks everyone!

So like the last block we're gonna have everyone re Sign-Up for FBS in order to get a accurate count for everyone that will compete in this block of events. Sign-Ups will open Sunday, August 29th at 7:00 PM EST and they will close September 12th at 11:59 PM EST. More details about Sign-Ups will be in the page when it is up. 

For this block FBS-NEO is returning for another season. At FBS 20 Brandon Adam defeated myself in a hell of a battle, and won the first ever FBS-NEO Cup. And Season 2 is slowly approaching. This season of FBS-NEO will run very similar to the last season, and events will be on the same day and time as last season, Thursdays at 9:00 PM EST with 6 matches per event with 10 events total. And the format will run the same with 2 Blocks doing a round robin and the top 2 from each block will move onto FBS 30 and fight for the second FBS-NEO Cup. Sign-Ups for this season of FBS-NEO will open at the same time as Sign-Ups for regular FBS. Once 20 drivers have signed up the blocks will be posted in the News & Info thread which is here: along with the tracks for this season. Stay tuned for more information! 

FBS 21 & FBS 22 
So as many of you know the Number 1 Contender to the Division 1 Title has been removed from the site. So in order to find a new Number 1 Contender the FBS officials have come to this. At FBS 21 we will see The Deadly Draw. A one night single-elimination tournament where the participants will be drawn at random. And whoever is the last man standing will go straight into a match for the Division 1 Title against Champion Armando Barbosa. And every member of Division 1 for Block 3 will be eligible to be drawn for this tournament. Now since FBS 21 will be a Division 1 exclusive show, that means that FBS 22 will be a Division 2 exclusive show. Make sure you stay tuned for more information whenever it comes out. 

Tag Teams 
So at FBS 20 we saw the debut of the shuffle tag match format and it was a success! So now we would like to announce that all future tag team championship matches will be held under this shuffle format and all regular tag team matches will be held under the regular format. And also for this block we will have tag team Sign-Ups! This is to help make the tag division more of a tag division and help legitimize it more. So just a reminder that Tag Teams need to be 1 member of Division 1 and 1 member of Division 2. More info about Tag Team Sign-Ups will be listed in the Sign-Ups page. 

FBS 30 
So FBS 20 was a absolutely massive 2-Day event and overall it was truly incredible. And FBS 30 is going to be even bigger. It is going to be another 2 Day event with 16 matches that will take place either in late November or early December. And for the venue we want to hear from you. For the FBS 30 venue we want to hear suggestions on what you think the venue should be. But just a few requirements. It has to be a stadium and there needs to be proof that there is a model for it or will be a model for it by November at the absolute latest. Once we get everyone's suggestions we will have a poll and whichever one wins will be the venue for FBS 30. You can reply to this post with your suggestion or DM it to me on discord. 

That is about everything you need to know going forward. There will most likely be more information coming out in the near future so make sure you stay tuned for that. FBS 21 will take place on September 19th and FBS-NEO Season 2 will start on September 23rd and I know myself and the officials can't wait to get started back up. And I hope everyone else feels the same way. As always if you got any questions feel free to DM me on discord at BradKerlin#3029. See you at the next event! 

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