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Screenshot of the Week


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  • On Sunday, I will post the theme for the week.
  • Everyone will have until Friday to submit their screenshots as a reply to this thread.
  • The next day, on Saturday, the winners will be announced via a post on the Sim-Monsters Instagram page.
  • The best screenshot will be featured as the first image, while 2 or 3 more will be included in the post as well.


  • All trucks must be uploaded on Sim-Monsters.
  • You must use a track or terrain that is uploaded to either Sim-Monsters or the Rigs of Rods repository.
  • Submissions must be at least 1280x720 in size and be in a 16:9 aspect ratio.
  • You must turn name tags off if you are submitting a screenshot from a multiplayer server.
  • Hide the HUD and game chat before taking a screenshot.
  • Minimal edits to include multiple trucks in the same image are always allowed.
    • Edits that add extra effects and details that are not in the original image are only allowed if specified in the theme for that week.

Criteria for Selection:

  • Upvotes will help for consideration, but will not be a direct indicator of being selected.
  • Sticking to the theme for that week will help in being selected.
  • High quality screenshots in a high resolution are more likely to be selected.
  • Creativity will always help in the selection process.


  • You may make 2 submissions per week, but only 1 will be selected if chosen.
  • You may include a link to your Instagram account if you would like to be tagged in the post.
    • If you wish to not include a link to your Instagram account, you will be mentioned by your Sim-Monsters username in the post.

Here is an example submission:



Be sure to turn your graphics settings up for this, the higher quality screenshot, the better.  Shadows, reflection, and particles can greatly improve the look of a screenshot.

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