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(9/19/21) FBS 21: The End... Of The Beginning (FBS Las Vegas)

Brad Kerlin

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Today is a day I knew would come, but never did I think it would be in this fashion. Tonight is FBS 21, and it marks the end of the block era for FBS. After 20 events, each with their own historic matches and unforgettable moments, this will wrap up the block era and be the first step forward into a new era. And with that first step forward comes the FBS Grand Championship. In the main event, after defying all the odds at FBS 20, the Division 1 Champion Armando Barbosa's first challenge is to be the last ever FBS Division 1 Champion, and the first ever FBS Grand Champion. But he will have to defeat one of these four men to do it. Tyler May, the first ever Division 1 Champion, he's a history maker in FBS, and his consistent style of driving has given him major success. Tyler started his time in the block era on top, and he's looking to end his time in the block era on top. Blake Thompson, a former Division 1 Champion, and he's had plenty of firsts in FBS. Blake always manages to keep his name in the conversation whether anyone else likes it or not, and he's gonna make sure tonight is his night. Chadwick Deerfoot, the first ever two time Division 1 Champion, and he's had some of the greatest matches and moments in the block era bar none. Chadwick manages to be able to pull out whatever it takes to get the victory, so let's just see if he can do it again one more time tonight. And Brandon Adam, former Tag Team Champion and the first ever FBS-NEO Overall Winner, he's shown that he can be bulletproof without any bad luck, and he's possibly the most skilled driver in any league today, so he just needs to use that skill to be the top guy and pull out the victory. All 4 of these men know what it's like to be at the top in FBS. And tonight they have a opportunity to go there again and make history. But Armando proved himself at FBS 20, and he's not gonna go down without a fight. So it's about seeing who really is the best, and that man will be the last ever FBS Division 1 Champion, and the first ever FBS Grand Champion. Also, we will see Izzy Martinez defend the Division 2 Title against Jeremy Castillo. Jeremy was able to get this shot by defeating Gavin Dirschell at FBS 20, and he's proven himself to be one of the top guys in Division 2, and worthy of this shot. But Izzy has made history with his reign, as today marks his 106th day as Division 2 Champion, the longest reign out of any titleholder in FBS history. Izzy has shown his skill and he's without a doubt the best driver Division 2 has ever seen. These two got into a heated exchange after Izzy's match at FBS 20 so this match has all the hype in the world around it. This match will certainly live up to it, so it's just a matter of seeing who lives up to be the last ever FBS Division 2 Champion. And for the FBS Tag Team Championships, after winning the titles in a great match at FBS 20, Chadwick Deerfoot & Mario Ortega have a unbelievable first challenge ahead of them as they defend against Brandon Adam & Jax Cohen, and Rogelio Hernandez & Trent Phung in the first ever 3-Way Tag Team Match in FBS. All three of these teams have made their own history in FBS, so we will see who makes history tonight, and who will go into the new era of FBS as Tag Team Champions. For this event we are heading to the site of one of the most historic events in FBS history, FBS Las Vegas! We all know what this track brings to the table. Some of these drivers have experienced the highest of highs on this track, and some the lowest of lows, and some have never stepped foot on this track at all. But this is the cream of the crop in FBS, so this event will surely be one to remember. Tonight is all about change. All about the block era. This is what FBS was. And tonight is the time we say enough's enough and it's time for a change. So we're sending off the block era in style, and then going full steam ahead into the new era for FBS. But these drivers will make sure that the block era goes out with a bang. See you on the track! 


Match Order: (Times are in EST)

8:00 PM - Chadwick Deerfoot & Mario Ortega v. Brandon Adam & Jax Cohen v. Rogelio Hernandez & Trent Phung (Tag Team Titles) 
8:30 PM - Izzy Martinez v. Jeremy Castillo (Division 2 Title) 
8:45 PM - Brandon Adam v. Chadwick Deerfoot 
9:00 PM - Blake Thompson v. Tyler May 
9:15 PM - Brandon Adam / Chadwick Deerfoot v. Blake Thompson / Tyler May 
9:30 PM - Armando Barbosa v. Mini Tournament Winner (Division 1 Title / Grand Championship) 


Track Link: 


This event will be streamed in the Sim-Monsters Discord voice chat. See you tonight!

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