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(9/30/21) FBS-NEO Week 2: Fall Madness X

Brad Kerlin

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Tonight FBS-NEO Season 2 continues with Week 2! We will see such matches as Blake Thompson facing Jackson Meszaros, Chadwick Deerfoot taking on Ewan Ford, and Adrian Cooper going against Brad Kerlin. For Week 2 we are heading to Fall Madness X! This track has lots of large stadium pods that incorporate classic obstacles into it as well, and there's also 2 large dirt ramps for good measure. These drivers should be more than capable of putting on a great event. Last week shows these drivers are even more competitive than last season, and everybody wants that overall championship. These drivers have a long road ahead of them though, but the sooner they get higher in the rankings, the closer they'll be to that championship. See you on the track!


Match Card: (Times are in EST) 

9:00 PM - Jasper Besson v. Julian Deshazer
9:15 PM - Ewan Ford v. Julian Deshazer
9:30 PM - Adrian Cooper v. Brandon Helms
9:45 PM - Adrian Cooper v. Brad Kerlin
10:00 PM - Chadwick Deerfoot v. Ewan Ford
10:15 PM - Blake Thompson v. Jackson Meszaros


Track Link: 


This event will be streamed in the Sim-Monsters Discord voice chat. See you tonight!

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