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ScrapyardJackM's "OVB/Meents3" (Long-Pipe Zoomies)Truck Sound Pack


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JackM's "OVB/Meents3" (Long-Pipe Zoomies)Truck Sound Pack

First and foremost, I still believe that ZoomiesV2 is a superior rendition of this type of exhaust sound. That being said, this was my best attempt at recreating something similar.

I made these sounds for Marcelo's Taurus 4 pack over a year ago, hoping to recreate the sound of that truck. They don't quite have that velcro-esque, raspy breakup to them that you hear on the old Taurus trucks, but I think they do the job decently for a truck with long-pipe zoomies but with a smoother breakup. Hopefully you can find them useful for your own project(s).

They're named OVB because I sampled the original Over Bored to make them, as well as California Kid and Grave Digger 20. Make sure to give credit where credit is due.

You can hear a sample of them ingame here.



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