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(11/28/21) FBS: Day 365 (FBS Daytona Motor Speedway)

Brad Kerlin

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This is the product of believing in yourself. This is the product of having a vision and taking the steps to make it happen. This is the product of wanting change and making it happen. This is the one year anniversary of Freestyle Battle Series. 50 events. 330 matches. Over 1,000 freestyles. Over the past year this league has taken this site by storm and has changed the way everyone looks at leagues and changed the way everyone looks at the one thing everyone loves, which is freestyle. And tomorrow night is the celebration of all of it. And there is no better way to celebrate than with the biggest event FBS has ever held. And what a card. In the main event, the one match that seemed to be inevitable. For the Grand Championship, Armando Barbosa defends the title against Chadwick Deerfoot. Armando won the Division 1 Title at FBS 20 and then soon won the Grand Title at FBS 21. Armando has been chomping at the bit to defend his title, and if there's one match to show that he's earned the title, it's this one. And Chadwick has been waiting for this one-on-one opportunity. After falling short at FBS 20 & 21, Chadwick was able to win All Night Long and get this match. No hoops to jump through or other competitors, just a straight up match. These guys and their story shows what FBS is all about, and there is no better match to main event this show. These guys will no doubt drive harder than they've ever had before in order to be the FBS Grand Champion. Also, for the FBS Extreme Rules Title, Tyler Richmond defends the title against Brandon Adam! Ever since FBS has entered this new era, Tyler has slowly been hoovering up the titles and has been near unstoppable. But at Every Man For Himself it came down to Brandon and Tyler and Brandon made a mistake and rolled over early to give Tyler the win. No doubt Brandon has been thinking about it ever since, and has just been waiting for another opportunity at the title. Both of these drivers have been absolutely sending it these past few events, and with the Extreme Rules Title on the line, that will just push them that much harder. And, for the FBS Open Challenge Title, Ewan Ford is stepping up to challenge Tyler Richmond. Tyler fought his way through The Deadly Draw in order to win the title and going off the run he's been on, he has no plans of letting the title go. But Ewan is coming off a couple of impressive performances in the past few events, and is looking to finally cement himself as a force to be reckoned with in leagues. Both of these guys are walking in with something to prove, so you can only imagine what they're going to do to get the win. And, for the FBS Tag Team Titles, Brandon Adam & Chadwick Deerfoot defend against Chris Bialek & Tyler Richmond! Due to Jax Cohen being unable to make Brandon Adam has called on one of his friendly rivals in Chadwick Deerfoot to help him defend the titles here. But Chris & Tyler have quickly gelled as a team and have shown that they are a force to be reckoned with. With all the talent in this match this is a definite contender for MOTN. But what's on the line is the FBS Tag Team Titles, so these drivers know the stakes are high. Its just a matter of seeing which time is willing to fly higher and drive harder than the other. Also, Brad Kerlin takes on Danny Mackey! Brad & Danny have one of the more legendary rivalries in the history of FBS. With one of the greatest matches in FBS history at FBS 10 and another great match in FBS-NEO, these two have fought tooth & nail across V4 and NAMT settings. But Brad has come out on top both times, as the one thing that has bitten Danny is filling the clock. This is the third match between the two. Brad's looking to show he can keep up with the best on the site, and Danny is looking to finally get a win over Brad. These two have proven they can put on great matches, all that's left is to prove who truly is better than the other. Also, Jackson Meszaros goes against Cameron Perkins! These two have faced off one time. It was at FBS 10, and it was one of the most historic matches in FBS history. The Division 2 Title was on the line, and Cameron had made Jackson need to earn the defense, and Jackson flew a little to close to the sun and it cost him. And now it's time for the rematch. Cameron wants to show he can definitively beat Jackson, and Jackson wants to avenge that loss, so this match is bound to be one for the ages. Also, Blake Thompson takes on Max Halpert, Christian Lenued faces Ike Toussaint, Devon Dunlap goes against Eduardo Damian, Rogelio Hernandez goes one-on-one with Tyler May, Brandon Helms faces Daniel Smith, and Adrian Cooper takes on Brian Parker. For this event we are heading to FBS Daytona Motor Speedway! This is by far the biggest and craziest freestyle track anyone has ever seen ever. With this massive floor, there's two quad bus jumps, the taxi-tron 3000, a double box van rock jump, two triple jammers with a mud pit between them, and so much more. This track is very challenging but also very fun. These drivers will no doubt live up to the magnitude of this event. FBS has been just continuing to build and change the game over the past year. And to put it simply, tomorrow night is just a celebration of that. And there's no better way to. This is where stars are born, moments are made, champions are crowned, and history is written. This is FBS: Day 365. See you on the track! 


Match Order: 

7:00 - Adrian Cooper v. Brian Parker 
7:15 - Brandon Helms v. Daniel Smith
7:30 - Tyler May v. Rogelio Hernandez 
7:45 - Christian Lenued v. Ike Toussaint 
8:00 - Tyler Richmond v. Ewan Ford (Open Challenge Title) 
8:15 - Devon Dunlap v. Eduardo Damian
8:30 - Blake Thompson v. Max Halpert
8:45 - Tyler Richmond v. Brandon Adam (Extreme Rules Title) 
9:00 - Brad Kerlin v. Danny Mackey
9:15 - Cameron Perkins v. Jackson Meszaros
9:30 - Brandon Adam & Chadwick Deerfoot v. Chris Bialek & Tyler Richmond (Tag Team Titles) 
9:45 - Armando Barbosa v. Chadwick Deerfoot (Grand Title) 


Track Link: 


This event will be live streamed in the Sim-Monsters Discord voice chat. See you tomorrow night!

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