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(2/17/22) FBS-NEO: Season 2 Finale

Brad Kerlin

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After a long, tumultuous season, we are at the finale of Season 2 of FBS-NEO. After 15 weeks of intense competition, with 16 of the best competitors this site has to offer, we have the four who will compete to be the FBS-NEO Season 2 Overall Champion. Brandon Adam, FBS-NEO Season 1 Overall Champion, coming in with a record of 9-4, with 7 FOTN awards and 3 MOTN awards. Brandon came into this season wanting to prove he was even better than last season, and he sure as hell did that, amassing a unprecedented 15 points on the leaderboard, doubling more than half his competition. Brandon is the clear favorite to take the Championship again this season, but he had to earn the last one, and it's easy to see he's more than willing to do whatever it takes to do that once again. Chadwick Deerfoot, the current FBS Grand Champion, coming in with a record of 10-3, with 4 MOTN awards. Chadwick made the Semi-Finals last season, but just came up short against Brandon. Chadwick wants to prove he is worthy of the title, and he earned 11 advantage points this season, while posting the best individual record this season in terms of wins & losses, and he's proven time & again he can get the job done when it counts. Well it might just count the most here, so let's see if Chadwick can add another accolade to his resume. Ewan Ford, the current FBS Open Challenge Champion, coming in with a record of 10-4, with 3 MOTN awards. Ewan is the underdog here, but his consistency is why he's here. And the finals this season is all about consistency, so he's got more of a chance than some might think. Ewan proved all season why he deserves to be here, now all that's left to prove is why he deserves to be the FBS-NEO Season 2 Overall Champion. Jackson Meszaros, former FBS Division 2 Champion, coming in with a record of 8-4, with 2 FOTN awards and 3 MOTN awards. Jackson is the dark horse candidate out of these four, but he knows how to pull out a victory when needed most, as he just snuck into the final four after gaining 2 advantage points in the last event of the regular season. But Jackson has been on the rise lately, and I know he wants this badly, so there's no doubt he is willing to do what is needed to be the FBS-NEO Season 2 Overall Champion. These four men proved all season why they should be here, now all that's left is to crown who is indeed the best. But it's gonna be a major challenge, as these 4 men will all face off against each other in 6 matches, across 3 different tracks, in a race to see who can amass the most freestyle points in their respective matches, and whoever can do so will be the FBS-NEO Season 2 Overall Champion. NAMT Tampa 2020, a paperclip style track, with plenty of opportunities to experiment, and to take a tumble as well. NAMT New Orleans 2020, a very technical track, with the biggest obstacles out of these three. And NAMT East Rutherford 2020, a track with a classic feel with very formidable obstacles. These tracks will help decide who is the most deserving of the FBS-NEO Season 2 Overall Championship. Each of these drivers have their strengths, and their weaknesses, but they want one thing. To be the one standing tall at the end. Also, with the remaining competitors, we will see Freestyle War IV on FBS-NEO Tacoma! Some of these drivers have experienced this track before, but some haven't. So it will be interesting to see which team will be able to take the win here. Everything this season has been about, everything these drivers have worked for, has all led to this. And all that's left is for these drivers to get in their trucks and strap in, do what these guys know best, and crown the FBS-NEO Season 2 Overall Champion. See you on the track! 


Match Order: (Times are in EST)

Freestyle War IV

Phase 1: 
7:30 PM - TBA v. TBA 
7:45 PM - TBA v. TBA 
8:00 PM - TBA v. TBA 
8:15 PM - TBA v. TBA 
8:30 PM - TBA v. TBA
8:45 PM - Phase 2


Round 1: 
9:00 PM - Brandon Adam v. Ewan Ford
9:15 PM - Chadwick Deerfoot v. Jackson Meszaros 

Round 2: 
9:30 PM - Chadwick Deerfoot v. Ewan Ford 
9:45 PM - Brandon Adam v. Jackson Meszaros

Round 3: 
10:00 PM - Ewan Ford v. Jackson Meszaros
10:15 PM - Brandon Adam v. Chadwick Deerfoot


Track Links: 


Spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1SGGXHlxG3jhKBKVNKI6NwerSf9NQ04_MpZ-FyKX6VR0/edit?usp=sharing

This event will be streamed in the Sim Monsters discord voice chat. See you Thursday night!

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