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Fun run Realstic Event


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Hey everyone i will be hosting my first ever fun run! The event will be recorded on my YouTube channel also make sure to sign up fast because their is going to be a 12 truck line up! Make sure to drive realistic!

make sure to join the discord server after you sign up here!   https://discord.gg/rx4rg7CH

The link to the track- 

The sign up format should go like this!



Truck Link-


These are the options of real trucks and drivers you get to choose from!

Bakugan Dragonoid -Camden Murphy

Soldier Fortune -Kayla Blood

Monster Mutt-Charlie Pauken

Grave Digger -Tyler Menninga

Zombie-Bari Musawwir

Megalodon-Cory Rummell 

Axe-Preston Prez

El Toro Loco -Kraig Champion

Vendetta - Mike Christenson

Jurassic Attack -Paul Jensen

Avenger -Jim Koehler

Son-uva Digger-Ryan Anderson

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