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  1. Chaos2TheMax

    Salem 2017

    idk if its just my game, but whenever i open the track, it gives me the following error: Technical details below: Ogre::InvalidParametersException::InvalidParametersException : Sky box material 'map/skyline not found. in SceneManager::setSkyBox at C:\conan\OGRE\1.11.6-with-patches/anotherfoxguy\stable\build\78c6c4e2ea61dac8cba2360afd7746bec0f80872\OgreMain\src\OgreSkyRenderer.cpp (line 172) how do i fix this? (PS: This is the only track that shows this error, all the other tracks i use dont give this error)
  2. Name: Angel Garcia Hometown: Tampa, FL Discord: You already have it
  3. Name: Bounty Hunter 2020 (Minton) Body: Chevy Silverado Chassis: Jekyll & Hyde Paint: Other Details: beadlocks on tires are black. Tires can be both bkt and sirs
  4. btw here is my log RoR.log
  5. hi, I just reinstalled ror on a new computer, since my msi has a motor that keeps rattling, and needs to be repaired. But whenever I launch ror on my pc (I use a thinkpad edge btw) I get the following message: Ogre::RenderingAPIException::RenderingAPIException: Cannot create device! in D3D9Device::createD3D9Device at C:\conan\OGRE\1.11.6-with-patches\anotherfoxguy\stable\build\78c6c4e2ea61dac8cba2360afd7746bec0f80872\RenderSystems\Direct3D9\src\OgreD3D9Device.cpp (line 739) what should I do to fix this? pls respond as soon as you can, I want to fix this before saturday
  6. will there be a specific amount of signups before you close signups?
  7. oh k, wondering what was going on since I saw outlawed posted a signup
  8. Driver: Angel Garcia Truck: Rebooted Chaos Discord: Chaos2TheMax#4339 Hometown (Optional): Tampa,FL Download Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/1mruprh3j8o35dq/Rebooted_Chaos.zip/file (WILL BE USING FELD VERSION) Theme song: Rise (The Glitch Mob) also, any adjustments we should make to our trucks? Just wondering since this will be my first time in NAMT.
  9. For command 01, replace keyboard with JoystickButton, then replace F1 with 0 7 For command 02, replace keyboard with JoystickButton, then replace F2 with 0 6. (that’s what I use for my rear steer switches). and you’ll have to use the mapper tool to configure your wheel.
  10. Name: Angel Garcia Discord: Chaos2TheMax#4339 Truck Link: Truck Theme: Doperide by Saliva
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