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  1. Name: Angel Garcia Discord: Chaos2TheMax#4339 Truck Link: Truck Theme: Doperide by Saliva
  2. world finals 18 got updated last year with a racing timer, fps and no fps
  3. the hell was World Finals 2020?
  4. I need the link for an event im in tonight
  5. ill need a mediafire link, cause sim decided to block me from downloading too many files today until 5:09 pm today
  6. Name: Angel Garcia Truck: Blue Thunder 2020 Truck Link: https://sim-monsters.com/files/file/3450-matt-codys-blue-thunder-2020/ Discord: Chaos2TheMax#4339
  7. I found out it was just my pc, it works fine now
  8. hm, did you try regenerating cache? that usually makes certain textures appear
    amazing truck Vince! Keep up the great work!
  9. just get a pic of the tire mesh and put it in the folder (im guessing)
  10. Name: Angel Garcia Truck: Wild Hair 2005 BKT Discord: MasterOfChaos2020#4339
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