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  1. Looks like Terminal Velocity will make its Monster Jam debut on May 21st Chesapeake Energy Arena! and Extreme Attitude has been added to their list of trucks, as well as a few more drivers, like Jon Zimmer (Jon Zimmer Jr) and Travis Mowery
  2. nice to see a fellow transformers fan 👍
    World Finals 21 is finally here, thanks Aaron
  3. Trevor Michalesko has officially let the dogs out
  4. oh dang is that my rormjl wf III truck?! oh nvm its bootis
  5. This happens if you spawn the truck on ror 2020.02, if you want them to load properly, you have to spawn them on the previous 2020.01 game
  6. In my 4 years of playing R.O.R multiplayer, I have never seen anything like this. The only thing I can recommend is try playing on a different server.
  7. noice, oh and also thanks for pinning the thread. I must be doing something right I guess XD
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