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ScrapyardJackM's USHRA (and TNT/USA Motorsports) Track Banner Pack: 1990-2012


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JackM's USHRA (and TNT/USA Motorsports) Track Banner Pack: 1990-2012

What started as a small side project back in early 2020 for an MTM2 track has turned into a massive quest to digitally recreate every commonly-used track banner that ran at a USHRA event for use in Rigs of Rods. These should help add some period-correct decor to whatever track you decide to make from yesteryear, spanning from 1990 to 2011.

Inside the zip file are over 200 different track banners, organized into 24 different PNG files sorted by year with information at the bottom of each in regards to which banners were used where and why.

Note that not every banner was used at every show during said year, thus why there is information at the bottom when needed. These PNG files are meant for you to cut out the banners you need and use them for your own texture, rather than using the PNG files themselves as textures.

I have also included various banners used for TNT Motorsports, as well as USA Motorsports during their final two years.
I do have plans to make more recent banners from 2011 onward, but for now, I'm going to release what I have so far and add more years later, so stay tuned for future updates.

PLEASE NOTE: I tried my best to make sure that every banner has the correct proportions, regardless of their size in comparison to one another, so try not to stretch or squish them when applying them to your track, otherwise they will look wrong.

Special thanks to Chris B, xyrose, and FridgeDealer for their assistance.
Be sure to give credit where credit is due.


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