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ScrapyardJackM's "Meents5" (Short-Pipe Zoomies) Truck Sound Pack


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JackM's "Meents5" (Short-Pipe Zoomies) Truck Sound Pack

These sounds are meant to replicate the fine-tuned growl of Mike Harper's Outlaw/Bear Foot/Texas Stomper/El Oso Loco trucks that have the engine up front, and can also be used for a Team Meents b-truck such as High Roller or Hot Wheels. My Meents2 sounds have a bit more of a roar to them compared to these, which have more of a growl, and I think both serve their purpose well. They both sound unique. Hopefully you can find these useful for your own project(s). The trucks I sampled were Bear Foot and Jester.

Make sure to give credit where credit is due.

You can hear a sample of them in game here.



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