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New to ROR - template?



I'm new to ROR and would like to build a custom truck of my own. I am looking for some guidance on how I go about making my own custom. I dont really want to build a chassis from scratch I just want to reskin an escalade body with zoomies. A template would be really useful. 


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Hello! This is a good basic tutorial for reskinning (also known as repainting) monster trucks. You can use software such as GIMP or Paint.NET instead of Photoshop for reskinning/repainting a truck. I would stop after he goes over how to reskin/repaint the body and not the chassis/tire due to all that being how the NAMT trucks were set up for easy swaps compared to V4 (which is what I assume the Escalade you're looking to reskin/repaint is made off of). I'm not sure on how to give a truck zoomies though, I'm sure someone else can supply the needed information for you in that regard.

Here is another tutorial going over cloning a truck, this is to make sure the reskinned/repainted truck doesn't overlap with the original as seen in the above video.

If you have any questions you can feel free to reply to this comment and I'll get back to you.

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