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ScrapyardMonster Jam 2020's Style Backflip Container

P3ForLife Customs

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Monster Jam 2020's Style Backflip Container


I know some of you use older versions



I made this and threw it in a zip AND uploaded it in probably a grand total of 4 hours including like a 2 hour break so dont expect absolute perfection.

I have a really crappy older computer so I generally try to keep things relatively low poly but still keeping SOME detail. Im posting this because not to long ago I was looking for one to use in a track and I saw a hole in the scrapyard that I could potentially fill. 



1. The .blend File

2. A base red and black texture, a dirt texture, and a clear texture for the hitbox

3. A blank bake - throw it into a software of your choosing and color it how you need

4. A Photoshop file prepared for you - just go in and edit away

5. A Paint.net file prepared for you - just go in and edit away

6. My Love and 2 hours of my brain trying to make something quick and decent



its pretty cool to see my name in the credits of projects lol. makes me feel like I did something good/cool.





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