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ScrapyardBeau4x4's "ZoomiesV2" Long-Pipe Zoomies Sound (Mono)


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Beau4x4's "ZoomiesV2" Long-Pipe Zoomies Sound (Mono)

This might be the most used RoR custom sound pack, but there's no official download for it on the website. That, and most people use the stereo version of these sounds.
DO NOT USE THE STEREO VERSION OF THESE SOUNDS. USE THE MONO VERSION HERE. To make a long story short, stereo sounds are always at full volume no matter how far away the camera is from the truck, which can be extremely annoying and disruptive. That's just how Rigs of Rods does things. Easiest way to tell if they're stereo sounds is to spawn a truck and zoom the camera out. If it's the same volume level, they're stereo and not mono.
Therefore, this way, we not only have an official download, but one that presents these sounds in their best possible form.

There's numerous videos of these sounds in action so I just chose a random one.

I don't remember which truck this sampled, but I think it was Over Bored.



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