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ScrapyardJackM's "OldZoomies" Short-Mid Pipe Zoomies Sound Pack


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JackM's "OldZoomies" Short-Mid Pipe Zoomies Sound Pack

In case you want a zoomies sound with a more gravely, rough, old-school sound, these sounds should do the trick. You may have heard these sounds in the LF4 leafer pack released by WorpeX, as they were originally made for said pack, but this is the Box5-friendly version of said sounds for whatever truck you want to use them for that has a rougher sound. They're called V4 because that's what the soundscript is tuned for.

The trucks I sampled are Grave Digger, Kamikaze, and (another truck that I unfortunately forget but it might be) Playn For Keeps.

Here's what they sound like in game with the LF4 trucks.

and here they are with a V4 nodebeam truck.


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