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RORSCS S3 Week One Schedule


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Stadium Tour 1: 10/1 6:00PM EST
Arena Tour: 10/1 8:00PM EST
Stadium Tour 2: 10/4 9PM EST

Check ins for each event will open the day before the event.

Stadium Tour 1: RORSCS returns to competition for the first time for Season 3! With the biggest and baddest season yet, this lineup is stacked with superstar drivers. These drivers go head to head in Houston! The event will be held Sunday 10/1 at 6:00PM EST, who will lead the points coming out of Week 1?
Arena Series: First the first time in RORSCS history, RORSCS makes its debut in Arenas across the US! With a stellar 8 truck lineup, it's anyone's game coming out of Week 1. The held will be held Sunday 10/1 at 8:00PM following ST1. Who's eager for the points lead the most?
Stadium Tour 2: With a series being lead by veterans and drivers who are all eager to dominate the series, this Stadium Tour has the ability to be the best. All of RORSCS fastest and most competitive drivers battle it out in Hot Atlanta. The event will be held Wednesday 10/4 at 9:00PM EST! Who will come out on top?




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