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King Of The Hill Official Stats Tracker

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Since the old stats thread was archived and is no longer editable, it's time to make a new one that will be kept up to date.

KOTH Overall Wins: Ethan Dean(5), Josh Rhodes(5), Brandon Adam(5), Mark Colineri(5) Austin Ogonoski(2), David Cooley(2), Ryan McCauley(2), Blake Thompson(2), Justin Olander(1), Eric Myers(1), Danny Mackey(1), Michael Desroches(1), Zach Nicholas(1), Michael Murray(1), Chadwick Deerfoot(1), Michael Alford(1), Jon Zimmer Jr.(1), Trevor Amos(1), Tyler Richmond(1), Vincent Akard(1), Adrian Cooper(1)

Obstacle Course Wins: Josh Rhodes(3), Brandon Adam(2), Blake Thompson(1)

Head To Head Racing Wins: Ethan Dean(6), Brandon Adam(6), Austin Ogonoski(4), Ryan McCauley(3), Mark Colineri(3), Tim Smith(2), Justin Olander(2), Chadwick Deerfoot(2), Michael Desroches(1), Ash Robertson(1), Jordan Robson(1), Tyler May(1), Josh Rhodes(1), Eric Myers(1), Kyle Carr(1), Matt Wilkinson(1), Danny Mackey(2), Blake Thompson(2), Devin Doss(1), Michael Murray(1), Michael Alford(1), Jon Zimmer Jr.(1), Vincent Akard(1), Tyler Richmond(1), Alex Ferullo(1), Jack Merkle(1)

Freestyle Wins: Ryan McCauley(8), Josh Rhodes(6), David Cooley(4), Mark Colineri(4), Eric Myers(2), Michael Desroches(2), Chadwick Deerfoot(2), Brandon Adam(2), Austin Ogonoski(1), Wes Johnson(1), Kyle Carr(1), Jordan Robson (1), Ethan Dean (1), Danny Mackey(1), Julio Vellon Jr.(1), Dylan Berner(1), Zach Nicholas(1), Marcus Santana(1), Joey Burgy(1), Edy Beltran(1), Trevor Amos(1), Tenacity(1), Vincent Akard(1), Chris Bialek(1)

KOTH Overall Wins By Truck Name: Bounty Hunter(6), Grave Digger(3), Safe Auto(2), Blue Thunder(2), Excaliber(2), King Krunch(2), Bad Habit(1), Blacksmith(1), Monster Mutt Dalmation(1), Air Force Afterburner(1), Four by Force(1), Gun Slinger(1), Titan(1), Night Rider(1), Avenger(1), Maximum Destruction(1), Hot Wheels(1), Equalizer(1), Iron Outlaw(1), Overkill Evolution(1), No Limit(1), Rat Fink(1), Big Red(1), Maximizer(1), Eclipse(1), Monster Mutt(1), Madusa(1), Brutus(1)

Largest Margin Of Victory: 14 Points - Josh Rhodes at West Lebanon

Most Points Scored in Single KOTH Event: 195 - Brandon Adam driving Liquidator (MB2TO Event 2: Naples)

Kings Of The Beach: Ethan Dean, Safe Auto

Night Of The All - Stars King of the Weekend: Zach Nicholas, Equalizer

Fayette County Challenge Champions: Andrew Field, Grave Digger

King of the Hill Mini - Series Champions: Ryan McCauley, Backdraft

King Of The Hill - International Incident Prime Suspect: Mark Colineri, Eclipse

King Of The Hill - Monster Mash King Of The Monsters: Blake Thompson, Brutus

King Of The Hill - Thanksgiving Throwback Head Of The Table: Adrian Cooper, Madusa

King Of The Hill - Christmas Chaos King Of Christmas Village: Brandon Adam, Monster Mutt

Drivers to have swept an entire event: Ryan McCauley (Grave Digger, Hazzard County), Ethan Dean (Four by Force, Nashville Superspeedway 2), Mark Colineri (Night Rider, Minneapolis), Brandon Adam (King Krunch, Pontiac Silverdome)

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