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New to the Server, most know me.


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Hello all,

I have been practicing since August and recently got the server about 3 weeks ago. It has been fun meeting, debating, and running with everyone so far. Alittle about myself; Most of you will be more familiar with who I am if you follow my artwork on Facebook. My Page is called " Tyler-Drew It ". Art work is my passion, and everyones support keeps me going. I plan on some how incorporating my artwork into this game in the future.

My occupation is a Crew Chief on the AH-64D Attack Helicopter in the U.S. Army. I do plan on debuting in most likely Season 4 due to the deployment soon. So once again, nice meeting everyone, and hope to race soon! God Bless !

-Tyler (T-MANN) Remieres

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Wrong topic, idiot. <_<

I dont think thats a nice way to welcome someone on Sim Monsters.

Hello mudtrucksrule,

There is a Help Section on Sim Monsters where you can ask questions about anything Rigs of Rods related. You will get a response fairly quick, depending on the question.

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Wrong topic, idiot. <_<

Completely uncalled for. Remember. The majority of people on this site are under the age of 16, and a percent are not from the US. YOU sir are the idiot. Plus this is the 5th or so post you have made that has been derogitory towards a fellow member.

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