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dont think i could figure that out but when i start to steer i'll push the left button and it would take forever for the tires to turn that way

I had the same problem, especially with the front steering. For some reason the rear steer is faster though. The problem was solved when I hooked up my steering wheels and pedals. Suddenly the game became 10 times better! So my recommendation is that you go get a force feedback wheel if you do not have one. My opinion is that as long as the car game isn't some kind of boring arcade game, you need to use a steering wheel. Or else it is as useless as going to a strip club, so close but yet so far from the ultimate experience! ;)

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rear steer is directly linked to engine rpm for how fast it turns. Luckily you don't need to get the engine rpm up to fast to steer. As for the front wheels, there should be sensitivity settings in the configuration app to adjust how quick it turns. A wheel and pedals would DEFINITELY improve what you get out of simulation games like this one. I have a Logitech G25, which gives me a 6 speed shifter with reverse, and a clutch pedal added to the mix, and paddle shifters on the wheel.

Now, for Monster trucks, I set it up so that paddle shifters shift, clutch (useful for getting to a ramp then dumping power, as well as backflips), and set my shifter into a forwards/backwords mode. All I have to do for rear steer is push the shifter forward for left, let go and it re-centers, pull back and it rear-steers right. I prefer this over the other way around, because the paddles turn with the wheel, and I don't want to have to look down at the wheel to know which paddle is turning left/right, and I don't shift to often when turning.

If you want to master fast turning, either get very slow to improve your turn radius, or learn how to throw the rear end around without rolling the truck.

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