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V4 ReplicaGrave Digger 25th Anniversary Chrome

Chris Hamilton

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File Name: Grave Digger 25th Anniversary Chrome

File Submitter: worldfinals

File Submitted: 15 Sep 2012

File Category: V4 Replica

Well, here it is! At long last Dennis' Chrome 25th Anniversary truck he drove in World Finals 8 is here. Worked really hard on this truck, and I'm glad it's finished. HUGE thanks to Thundro1 as he helped me smooth out the body and help make it look A LOT better in-game. Be sure to have tons of fun driving trucks, and I'll see you guys on the track!


Paint, Flag, Cloning, Rims- Me

Blender Help-Casey Graves and Thundro1

Everything Else- Sm Pack Makers

Click here to download this file

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Yea their is jusst get one of the grave digger xx or whatever then get in it then get out then pull out ur chrome grave digger

It works for me..

Whoooooooooooooooooaaaaaa buddy. Your not deleting anything in your pack, all you do is Open the Pack, drag in the Chrome Digger files, clear regen, and play. It should work. If it doesn't what I usually do is I cut and paste my pack from the "packs" folder to my "vehicles" folder. And it works for me.

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