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Is my computer Season 3 material?



I have a 2005 Dell DIMENSION E510 with a nVidia GeForce 4800 (think thats the number)

@ speedtest.net these where my results

Ping: 61ms

Download Speed: 15.98 Mbps

Upload Speed: 1.45 Mbps

With RoR

my FPS where ok, at least in my league

Offline; (After an hour of playing)

Max: 287 fps

Average: 54fps

Lowest: 0.118fps (Ok its Dell, short for Dellicate)

Online; (After 30 minutes of playing)

Max: 220fps (Don't ask its what it said)

Average: 40fps

Lowest: 0.240fps (Gavrils suck online)

Internet Provider: AT&T U-Verse

I get a brand new computer for Chirstmas. I was just wondering if this computer is strong enough if the season starts before then. I know its not the best but hey, the thing is 7 years old almost 8.

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yeah, i was wondering this topic as well... i am currently running on a laptop, which gets about 20-40 FPS with stuff on in the background... im not sure about my connection speed because im using my phones wifi app(3G)... i was wondering what i might need to do to further boost my computers speed/ quality for Ror... thanks in advance

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