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Fun Run @ Orlando 2010


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This is a test before i start a series
No racing just freestyle.
Idk how many of you use team speak but if you guys do ts.fuzzyfrontier.com:9989 connect to that
1. You have 90 seconds and 30 in bonus time before scores are posted
2. you have 20 seconds to keep freesyling after scores are posted
3. three points for backing up unless you hit a jump
4.the highest points possible is 30. 10 for me and 5 in bonus time (2 judges).
5.if we say rii and you dont shut your truck off in the first 3 seconds your DQ
6.If you hit the wall or go in the stands your freestyle is over.
7. wednesday 2/19/14 at 7pm eastern time

thanks. tell me what you think

Tell me the truck your driving
Jrdragsternick9 with Max D
Elementary with Son Uva Digger

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